The Hermit from my Scapini Tarot

The Hermit from my Scapini Tarot

My first impressions:


Hidden beauty

Something that brings one happiness underneath/secretly

Hidden wisdom

A light (metaphorically)

From The Mystic Tarot:

Space and time away from everyday concerns can be key to self-knowledge and self-confidence

A card of guiding light – a promise of brighter times

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Isolation to contemplate and join with the divine

Inner wisdom; learn to listen to the voice of your higher self

The Hermit’s lamp represents spiritual light and knowledge =The crone goddess is his counterpart

You have a pressing need to be by yourself, to think, to plan. Perhaps you feel there is a pressing decision to make.

There is always something knew to learn – study meditation, take a retreat, travel alone, take solitary walks.

A person in the guise of the hermit may enter your life – listen to their advice

This card may be a warning against thoughtless action

A message of prudence, caution, and discretion

Consider every angle and take your time to reach your conclusions

Reversed: Enforced loneliness – may feel the need for noise, distractions, and activity because they are to frightened to look inside themselves.

May represent obstinacy or refusal to listen – don’t ignore advice given to you

You could be wasting your time in some way. Examine your life and preoccupations.

From The Ananda Tarot:


The Hermit from my Ananda deck

The Hermit from my Ananda deck



Inner clarity


Developing strength of character

Developing talents and abilities

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

Sound and wise advice (from yourself or others)

You know what is best for you

Don’t rush into your next project – take time to sit and think things through

: good advice has been ignored

You haven’t learned from past experiences

You are lost in thoughts and daydreams

From The Luigi Scapini Tarot:

The roses on the hermit’s staff represent the seven stages of growth from bud to flower – how cool is that? I love my tarot deck.




Fear of discovery

Failure to face facts




Failure resulting from inactivity

Excessive isolation