So, I got 3rd place under Arts and Entertainment for “Best Local Author”.

Best Local Author

1) D.A. Madigan

2) Wendell Berry

3) Heather Adkins


That’s insane.

I’m not even sure how it happened!  Because let me tell you, it’s not like my books are flying off the shelves (metaphorically speaking as they are currently only in E-format – flying off the E-shelves?).  Since I published “The Temple” in June, I’ve yet to even hit 100 ebook sales between it and “Abigail”, my two published books.  At the molasses rate I’m moving this month, I’m not likely to make it to 100 before the 30th.

I’m shocked.  Astonished.  Drooling while wearing a dingy white straightjacket and rocking in the corner.  Honored.  Stunned.

So how does a 26-year-old girl who has sold only 80 e-books make it onto a list with the likes of Wendell Berry and D.A. Madigan??

I don’t know.  But, I’ll take it.  Maybe it bodes well for my future career.  Maybe it was an ego-boost during a bad time and the Powers That Be deemed it necessary to give me some props.

Whatever happened to get my name on that list, I’ll take it :)