A group of YA authors came together to give you a “taste test” of our upcoming books.  My tentative fall release, “Wiccan Wars”, is featured in the collection!  This is our blog tour…

Each author will be featured on all six blogs on a particular day with different guest posts and interviews – all of them are short, sweet and a ton of fun to read.

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Today is Brenda Howson!


About Brenda: Brenda caught the bug and she has been writing for ten years, in between motherhood and working at a local high school in the computer department. She has won two short story competitions and been runner up in another. Forbidden Territory will be her first published novel.

Find her at HER BLOG and on TWITTER

Today, Brenda is telling us: When You’re Not Writing What Do You Do?

Sewing, looking after kids, emailing my bestie, watching movies or blogging.