A group of YA authors came together to give you a “taste test” of our upcoming books.  My tentative fall release, “Wiccan Wars”, is featured in the collection!  This is our blog tour…

Each author will be featured on all six blogs on a particular day with different guest posts and interviews – all of them are short, sweet and a ton of fun to read.

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Today, I’m hosting CJ Duggan!

Author Bio: C.J is Australia’s newest enthusiastic addition to the Indie market of Self Publishing. Paving the way by writing her debut novel, a YA Romance ‘The Boys of Summer’. A coming of age love story set in a mythical small Australian Town in the mid 90’s. Juggling the pressures of a stressful day job, or be it the many realms of mundane reality? C.J has earned a name for her ballistic imagination and witty banter in her blog. Offering an honest, refreshing account with her daily rants of the world and her personal journey in being an Aspiring Author.

Find her online at HER WEBSITE

4 Questions with CJ Duggan

If you could have a Psychic Power what would it be?

A mind reader thinking I would be very popular on Birthday’s, Christmas and Anniversary’s.

What is your favorite Mythical Creature?

*Bites knuckle* Gotta love those Shape shifters.

Do you believe in Ghosts? Why? Why not?

I believe in something, spirits, and energies. There are definitely a lot of things that are unexplained and I would like to think there is something beyond this world.

If you could move anywhere in world where would you move and why?

First and foremost Australia is amazing and we really are the lucky country…BUT this is a fantasy and if I could do a stint somewhere for a while I could completely envision myself wondering around the streets of Paris, immersing myself in the culture, writing in a café and eating baked goods.

Only to return my apartment and order room service!