A group of YA authors came together to give you a “taste test” of our upcoming books.  My tentative fall release, “Wiccan Wars”, is featured in the collection!  This is our blog tour…

Each author will be featured on all six blogs on a particular day with different guest posts and interviews – all of them are short, sweet and a ton of fun to read.

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Today is ME DAY!

Nolia McCarty is American by birth but Irish by heritage and heart. Her dream is to live on a small cottage in Ireland where she can watch the sheep outside her window and write all day. “Heaven Below” is her debut young adult novel, and her most recent release was “Eternal Youth”, co-written with author Julia Crane.  Nolia has several books in the works including “Wiccan Wars” and “Barefoot Blue Jean Nights”.  Visit her blog at noliamccarty.wordpress.com for more information about her upcoming books!

In her real incarnation, Nolia is author Heather Marie Adkins.  Under this (real) name, she has written several novels, including paranormal romances “The Temple” and “Abigail”.  Find more information on her at heather.bishoffs.com.

What I Love About Writing

This is such a silly question, because every true writer is going to say I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT WRITING.  I love the way it feels to sit in front of my computer and read over the last few pages to primp for the next.  I love when I write a line that makes my heart sing. There’s always the expected “I love creating worlds and characters”, but ultimately, I just love the way writing makes me feel.  If I’m not writing, I’m only half a person.  Playing with words is the single best therapy a girl could hope for in a world that just sometimes really f*ing sucks.  I think the worlds I create in my books are a helluva lot cooler, anyway.

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