I haven’t blogged lately.  Busy girl, here.

But I have some pretty exciting stuff going on right now, and within a few short months, it’s ALL GOING TO CHANGE.

A professional edit on The Temple has been FINISHED.  It is now passing through a copyedit with another editor, and will then receive a final proofread by a professional proofreader before I reformat and reupload.  I’ve got some things planned for it in September to boost some seriously flagging sales — Labor Day weekend, I’ll be participating in a big ebook sale, and The Temple will be available for 99 cents.  And then on September 20th, I have a slot booked for a feature at Ereader News Today, a website that drives beaucoup traffic to books.  I’m also currently working on the sequel to The Temple, entitled “The Trickster”, and I’m in the early planning stages of book three, “The Tarot”.

I’m still working on the gigantic edit of Abigail.  In the meantime, it has been unpublished from many of the platforms.  It will still undergo a final copyedit, and then possibly two passes by a proofreader before reuploading, hopefully by October, when I’ll be meeting my good friends and fellow authors Lizzy Ford and Julia Crane in Nashville to hawk our wares at the Southern Festival of Books.  I would really love for it to be ready in paperback by then.  We shall see.  I have the second and third books, “Logan” and “Angel”, on deck for after edits have been finished.  My fantabulous editor, Sarah Billington, has helped me to take Abigail to places she should have gone the first time, so the book–and series–has taken a turn to new horizons.  I’m excited to finish edits so I can move on to writing the next two.

My very first publication, a short story titled “Underneath” is undergoing an edit, as well.  Once I receive edits, and then have a final copyedit and proofread done, it will be re-released.  It is simply too damn good of a story to gather dust on my hard drive just because people like to leave reviews that say “This story is too short”.  That would be the definition of a SHORT STORY :)

I’m also looking into getting edits done on a number of other short stories.  I can knock off shorts pretty fast; much faster than a full book, anyway.  Because I work a full time job AND run a nearly full time formatting business, my writing just doesn’t get the attention it needs, so I haven’t released a book since my co-write, “Eternal Youth” in APRIL.  That’s unacceptable to me.  The more books–professionally edited and formatted–that I put out, the more chance I have of actually making a living on my books, and that is my ultimate dream.

So, the past two months have been an absolute whirlwind.  I forget to shower, much less feed myself or do anything more than grunt a hello at my future-husband when he walks in the door from work.  But it’s all worth it, because I’ve got big plans.

Big plans that don’t include the day job.  More on that later :)