Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed and for what seems like the tenth day in my lifetime, I’ve witnessed history in the making.

The new law ends the 17-year-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that forced gays to hide their sexual orientation or face dismissal.

“I couldn’t be prouder,” Obama said. MSNBC

Word is Obama signed this into law with a huge grin on his face – LOVE IT!  Score One Obama in my book.

I complain often and loudly about how backwards this country is.  The hard truth is that conservative Americans CAN NOT face the idea that homosexuality is a fact of life.  As I’m sure I’ve preached many times over, it is impossible to know who you’re going to fall in love with and what gender they’re going to be.  It is genetically hardwired into one’s hormones who turns you on and strikes your yummy bone.

So what this repeal means for the nation is that men and women from all 50 states can openly be gay and serve in the US military.  This is AMAZING and it is one more step towards a future I want to live in.  A future where the hate associated with sexual orientation, religious path, gender, or skin color will have nearly disappeared.

“As one Special Operations warfighter said during the Pentagon review […] ‘We have a gay guy in the unit. He’s big, he’s mean, he kills lots of bad guys. No one cared that he was gay.’ And I think that sums up perfectly the situation,” Obama said in remarks preceding the signing. (MSNBC)

I am an active, active supporter of gay rights.  There are several people in my life who are gay and who mean the absolute world to me.  Also, allow me to be candidly honest for a moment because this is MY blog and I’m a candidly honest individual – I find women beautiful (much, much more beautiful than men).  Given the chance, I could have seen myself falling for a woman.  But, then I found Andrew and you know, happily-ever-after-eww.

So, when I hear of gay bullying, gay bashing, or conservatives nomming on about “marriage is between a man and woman blah blah blah” I want to rampage.  I want to storm small villages and throw lit torches atop the thatched roofs of homes…

Wait.  Wrong part of my brain.  That’s a book I recently read…

Love is Love is Love.  Get over it.

To move this conversation into my Women’s Wednesday theme, I think of my books.

Nearly everything I write has underlying gay themes or openly gay characters.  Whether this is because I’m such an avid gay rights supporter or because I UNDERSTAND that this world is one equally divided in sexual orientation.

In “The Temple”, protagonist Vale’s little sister Macy is a lesbian.  In my upcoming novel “Constant State of Disaster”, two of protagonist AnnRee’s friends are lesbians.  This same theme tends to run through my future books, as well.

As a witch who has herself been subjected to derogatory comments and hate because she is a woman of alternative faith, my world revolves around finding peace and understanding among all of us.  We should judge people by their actions and attitudes, not by their choice of lifestyle or faith or skin color or gender.

I shall leave you with this new and amazing girl group, Pistol Annies.