My friend and fellow author Julia Crane is being featured today at Pixel of Ink, a very prestigious (and hard to come by) advertising venue for Kindle books on the cheap.

Pixel of Ink has nearly 160,000 unique visitors to their site each month as well as 47 thou Facebook fans.  It is by no means a cheap way to advertise but most authors report earning back their cost and then some.  There is an insane waiting list to be featured at Pixel of Ink.

Julia writes Young Adult paranormal romance which is a HOT ticket in today’s reading world.  She’s received dozens of rave reviews and ratings for her debut novel “Coexist” and has a loyal following of people who are itching for the next book in the series.

If you hop by the Stone Cottage today and catch this blog entry, please take a moment to link through to Pixel of Ink’s website and “Like” her post.  (I’m also throwing in the Facebook link if you wanna go “Like” there too!)

POI recommends as many “Likes” as possible to spread the word and if there is any author out there who deserves the love, it’s Julia.  She’s kind, she’s talented, plus she’s one of my best friends, SO GO HELP HER NOW *smiling sweetly*