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Haunted by Magic Diaries:

Real life unexplainable events from the authors.


“As a child, up until I was maybe 12 years old, at night someone would scream in my ear, then punch my back. It happened maybe once a week, maybe less, but it was often. The scream would wake me, the punch never left bruises, but it definitely scared me!” – Julie Morgan



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Julie is the author of Deadly Alchemy.


Winner 2015 sexiest steampunk book award

Vampires. Werewolves. An unlikely love story. How do you choose who lives and who dies?

Alchemist Amelia Rimos has just discovered the cure for the Undead. Being naïve and vulnerable, she does not realize the Undead have their targets set on her.

Happening upon a tall, dark, exotic man named Michel Gauthier, he saves her from becoming a victim, thrusting her into a game of cat and mouse.

Amelia realizes being an Alchemist is not in her best interest when she befriends him. Is Michel as sincere as he seems or does he have an ulterior motive?

When her life cannot be more complicated, John Hawthorne interjects himself into Amelia’s life and shifts it completely upside down. He informs Amelia she has the key to their survival. Soon, she will realize the Undead are not the only monsters in the world…

Amelia will find herself in a desperate stalemate.

She will be forced to choose between destroying her evidence and saving the man she’s grown to love or destroying over half the population of the world, including the love of her life with it.

Note: Deadly Alchemy will only be in version 1. Version 2 will contain a short story that will be a prequel to Deadly Alchemy.


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