Well, my schedule is official!

I’ve been busy busy lately getting posts together for the blog tour.  I’ve also been hired for several freelance formatting job, so that’s kept me busy too.  Plus, trying to fit in my OWN writing time to finish this YA novel that’s kicking my butt.


I present to you, my blog tour schedule.

October 14th – “Writing Into Myth” a guest post at 1000+ Books to Read

October 18th – Interview at Ed McNally’s The Sable City

October 19th – Getting Jack’d with Jack Wallen

October 20th – My Funniest Halloween Memory at Anna’s Book Blog

October 21st – Interview at Cheryl Shireman’s Blog

October 22nd – “The Temple” featured at Guerrilla Wordfare

October 23rd – My Favorite Halloween Memory at Michelle’s Book Briefs

October 24th – Guest Post (untitled as yet) with Julia Crane

October 25 – A Review of “The Temple” at Michelle’s Book Briefs

October 26th – Guest Post on Samhain at Shéa MacLeod’s Everything’s Better with Dragons

October 27th – Book review of “The Temple” at 1000+ Books to Read!

October 28 – The Scariest Place on Earth… at The Librarian Mouse

October 29th – Guest post with Alan Nayes

October 30th – Guest Post with Talia Jager

October 31st – “The Egg” – Flash Fiction at PJ Jones’ Blog