Her Book of Shadows

by Larry Marshall

From Goodreads:

Retired Arizona cop, Scott Riker, lives with his wife and daughter in Quebec City where he heads a group of interventionists. Directed by Quebec business mogul and philanthropist, Luc Duchesne, the group uses their talents and resources to stand between people in trouble and the criminal elements who would do them harm.

In Her Book of Shadows, Riker agrees to find Jodie Burke, a teenage girl whose parents say ran away to Quebec City from Connecticut. But when Jodie’s friend turns up murdered on the Plains of Abraham, it becomes clear that Riker faces something more than just a runaway girl. Time is running out and he must find Jodie and prevent whoever is trying to kill her from succeeding.

Riker struggles with his emotional involvement in the case, caused by the similarities between his daughter and Jodie Burke. This, and his attempts to reconcile his risky business with his role as father and husband add to his internal conflicts but maybe the two roles can be compatible.

Count it– SEVEN five star reviews at Amazon!

And a well deserved bunch of reviews.  Marshall is a delight.  His MC Scott Riker is a magnificent character.  Because I’m lazy and it’s been a couple weeks since I read it, here’s my Goodreads review:

What an intense read! This mystery hooked me from the beginning and sucked me in. The characters are well-drawn and the protagonist has a great personality–I love a man that can be tough and love his family all at once :) The author obviously put time and effort into making sure his research was correct; it was refreshing to read a book that references Wicca in the right way that isn’t actually written by a witch for witches. The mystery flows perfectly, you certainly don’t see it coming.

I hope this is going to be the first of many books in a series and I’ll be in line to read the next

Larry is on my list of indies to follow.  He’s going to be a success.

Five stars from me.

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