Still approximately 600 pm Monday

I can’t wait to get to Cork! I was ready to leave Dublin. I had exhausted everything I wanted to see and was getting antsy to move on. Cork is where my grandmother’s family came from a long time ago, so in a weird way, I feel like I’m visiting home.

Things I noticed on my ride:
Its got to be about 35 or 40 degrees outside today and everyone has their windows open to their homes. I guess it goes to show how cold it stays most of the time here, this is a heat wave.

Just saw the coolest damn treehouse EVER. Obviously it was a rich family, because the home was a huge plantation mansion. The treehouse took up two trees, connected by a bridge, and each house was circular, built around the tree trunks with a thatched roof. I woulda beat my own mother for a treehouse like that when i was little!

I wonder what I sound like to foreigners? I know how strange and exciting accents are to me, I wonder if anyone hears my accent and goes ‘Ooh, an American! Cool!’ Probably not.

Lots of horses are wearing coats. It’s cold enough to make sure the horses are warm and comfortable, yet every window in the house is open. Huh.

Irish farmers line the boundaries of their property with rows of hedges, which makes the quilted look of the land all that much more defined.

The grass is ridiculously green even under an overcast sky and seen through a tinted window, lol.

There’s patches of blue sky showing through big fluffy clouds and the grass is so green. I’m on a train through the Irish countryside. It really just hit me. And I got excited flutters in my stomach. I’m so lucky to be here right now. I wish Andrew was with me.

Black and white cows! Felt like home!

I hate people who pen their dogs up outside and never let them inside. I think it makes them less of a pet and more of a status symbol, it’s utterly ridiculous. My dog is my child, I can’t even sleep without her!

Two cows were chasing each other across a field. It was damn cute.

I’ve yet to see a single swimming pool in Ireland…

We passed the most amazing, crumbling castle sitting right next to the tracks in the middle of nowhere. There was no road leading to it, no parking lot, just green grass all around. I wish I could go to it! When I come back to Ireland, I’m renting a car and making it my goal to find all the ruined castles sitting in fields unattended and unused. I’m doing the tourist shit now, I’m doing the adventurous thing next time, lol.

So the bathrooms in the train are like something out of a sci fi movie. To open the door, you push a button on the wall beside it, and it opens. Once inside, you push a button to close it, and it closes, then a voice proceeds to remind you to ‘push the lock button for privacy;. I pushed the button, and the voice then thanked me. I almost said you’re welcome, but I thought that might be weird.

I’m losing daylight, which is a bummer because I’ve been staring out the window the entire time, lol. I’m on my fourth album on my Ipod. Luckily we’ll be in Cork in just about 30 minutes.

That’s it for what I wrote Monday night. The next post is being typed momentarily, stick around.