Hellllo, blogworld!  Today I have Tom over to visit.  Me like Tom–he’s quite funny and smart.  Have a gander at our interview :)

Tell me a little about the book you’re promoting.

Mad Gods is a complex book. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t because one reviewer went to the point of calling it dense mythology, a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one.

As such it’s not for everyone.  It’s not for the quick reader who wants an entertaining romp with overly clever quips. It is rooted in pervasive universal themes religion has always tried to explain. Why do we live the way we do, how we perceive reality and how our perceptions shape reality. You see not really complex at all. LOL

Do you pull from your own life for your writing?

In characterization I do.  Many of the people populating my stories are based on various acquaintances, friends and family.  The themes are based on long held and explored beliefs I’ve expanded on through investigation and research. Plots is just me saying what if and wouldn’t it be cool if.

What jumpstarted the idea for this book?

There were a few jumps throughout my life. It started when I was 10 and I saw the Omen. I couldn’t believe the Antichrist who was a human being would want to destroy the world and willfully be evil. It evolved over the years into him refusing to do what he’s fated to do and with this refusal becoming both Antichrist and Christ, which brings the inherent duality of man to a final evolution. Through my long research into all things religious I saw that much of ancient myths throughout the world had a duality to their divinity that was split with Judeo-Christian beliefs. With the mythology in Mad Gods I try to present it all and amalgamate it.

How often do you write?  Do you set word count goals?  Do you reward yourself if you meet them?

I write every day. I don’t have word count goals; I reward myself for nothing, yet I indulge myself everything.

(Note from Heather: I LOVE this answer!)

Can you write with background noise (like music) or do you prefer quiet?

I hate background music to write with. I would hurt anyone who would try to make me. I cannot concentrate on writing if there’s music or any distraction.

What’s coming up next in your world?

Commitment is the sequel to Mad Gods, and second installment in Predatory Ethics.

Tell us about your marketing strategies.

Do anything and everything that comes in my path.

(Heather sez: Sounds like a good plan to me!)

Did you attempt the traditional publishing route?  What made you choose Indie?

I attempted traditional publishing, but it rejected me. Now I’m a spurned suitor who mumbles sour grapes under my breath every second breath.

Who is your favorite character in the book and why?

I will answer my own version of the above question; with I have two favorite characters, the main two.  They are Kostadino Paleologos and the Antichrist who Kosta names Adam. Kosta is a descendant of Byzantine Emperors and for most of his life he has done what was expected of him.

He was born with unique psychic, paranormal abilities to control and manipulate the dead and the paranormal, occult forces in the world. Those were put to use in returning to Istanbul every year to release trapped souls of the defenders of the city when it was known as Kostadinoupoli and conquered by the Ottoman Turks. He is told by the last soul he releases, his direct ancestor Emperor Kostadino XI that he must find a unique book, called the Idammah-Gan Codex. This book leads him to find and kidnap the Antichrist from his original parents. He takes him because he wants this innocent make his own choice of whether he will destroy the world as his destiny in Revelation demands or if he instead will live an ordinary life. Kostadino is in a rare position to empathize with the Antichrist, with Adam. He spent his life following his destiny and it left him alone and wishing for a life without the terrors he lived through and had to combat. Adam learns from Kostadino that he can control his own destiny and not be a slave to it. Adam realizes controlling your own destiny is not easy, it is one of the most difficult tasks anybody can attempt, because you must fight every force known and unknown trying to wrest this control back. Kostadino’s and Adam’s decision puts them at odds with everybody from Luciferians, Templars, Illuminati, Catholic Church and Free Masons.

Thanks for stopping by the cottage, Tom :)

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