Happy Holidays from CyberWitch-Land!


I’ve joined forces with about thirty other rockin’ authors to offer free ebooks and chances to win swag and goodies – INCLUDING A KINDLE FIRE. So it’s like holiday gift-giving online! And it’s FUN.

HeavenBelow_webIf you leave me a comment below with a December memory (maybe your favorite present of all time, or something fun you did with your family, etc.), I’ll send you a free ebook of HEAVEN BELOW.

Seventeen-year-old Kelli McNeil wishes her only problems were what to wear and who to date. But she also has recurring nightmares about dying.

In every dream she sees Sebastian, and feels a love that echoes across the ages.  As the dreams intensify, Kelli suspects they are not imagination, but memories of past lives. While these memories hint at an ancient prophecy and the fate of an entire race, they reveal a dark danger for her.

In every life, Sebastian is not only her true love – he is her murderer.

Other free books by me/including me you can pick up:


The Holiday Collection

The Apocalypse Collection

Other than the free ebook you already get by leaving me a December memory, I’m also running a giveaway for assorted swag and a signed paperback of HEAVEN BELOW. In order to be entered for this, you have to stalk my website. Tell me in your comment the name of one of my books, either released or coming soon, and IT CAN’T BE THE SAME AS ANYONE BEFORE YOU. 😉

Also feel free to head over to Facebook and send me a friend request (not required). Be sure to tell all your friends about the hop!

Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter for the huge giveaway, and be sure to visit the other authors on the hop for a chance to get even MORE free ebooks!


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