I love growing things.  I consider it less of a hobby and more of a passion, along the lines of reading and writing.  For me, nothing reaches that feeling of euphoria that often accompanies a finished piece of writing than watching something I’ve grown from seed thrive.

Lemon basil was one of the herbs I took on this year.  I’ve always had tremendous success with regular basil (always until now–my regular basil looks awful.)  So I figured I’d try another variety.

Oh, how I didn’t realize what I was in for.

I started some sweet little seeds that sprouted so tiny.  I transplanted to my raised bed in the backyard.  It was just a plot with scrawny baby plants; now, it a gigantor monster patch that by harvesting a hundred stalks barely looked like it had been touched.

I then used all those stalks to stuff old wine bottles and create Lemon Basil Vinegar and Lemon Basil olive oil.  Six bottles worth.

Not only the lemon basil, but the mint is taking over, too.  I had always heard that mint is invasive–I believed, but I just really had no idea.  I bought a seemingly innocuous little darling from the store maybe four inches tall.  It is now a ravenous, hungry entity slowly taking over the herb garden.  I’m making vinegars out of it, too, mwahahaha.

I am a poor girl, so Christmas gifts on the cheap are LOVELY.  We have an overabundance of bottles because I refuse to toss anything, and we had a gallon of vinegar.  Easy peasy.  I’m slightly impressed with myself.

Also, vay, vay excited to use my own bottle of vinegar for cooking!

Last night, I made another batch of homemade bread.  I just don’t know how anybody could eat store bought bread after having the homemade stuff.  The smell, the texture, the taste–plus, knowing there is nothing in that recipe that you didn’t want in it.

In other news…myself and two other writers from Indie Writers Unite! had our flash fiction pieces chosen for inclusion in an upcoming anthology titled “Pink Snowbunnies in Hell.”  EEK!  Shout-out to Rex Jameson and Suzanne Tyrpak–we shall share pages together, be excited!!