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It’s that time again. New Year’s Resolutions. Champagne. Dresses. Limos. (Does anyone actually celebrate the new year that way? My butt’s in sweats eating buffalo dip with my family LOL).

Ultimately, we all strive for the next year to be better than the last.  Every new year renews our sense of hope and wonder, regardless of where we are in our lives.  As a friend just told me in an email, “2013 has to be better than 2012, right?”

So tonight while I watch that glittery crystal ball drop on the television while my family plays bad card games and wears lampshades on their heads (don’t ask), I raise a toast to all you readers, bloggers, and authors out there — here’s to a brand-spanking-new year!

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Martin’s existence has centered on his wife, Sophie, for thirteen years.  Their tumultuous, explosive relationship ends in adultery and her abrupt death, leaving Martin to pick up the pieces of the life she built for them – and a daughter he barely knows.  With the touching insights of his little girl and memories of Sophie to keep him going, Martin navigates the year after her death in a series of lists, finding that happiness is something to create, not expect.

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