The story of my life is… BUSY.  Let’s catch up a bit.


On the book end (hehe, bookend), I’ve put out some books this year.  Surprisingly, the focus has been on the young adult genre so far, which is completely strange to me as I never felt the urge to write YA before.  Heaven Below was pulled from my store of teenage ideas and most of the rewrites took place while, well, intoxicated.  HB was also my first book with an honest-to-goodness editor, Sarah Billington.  Sarah has also recently finished a substantial edit on “Abigail,” and I’m waiting for a free moment to sit and begin rewrites. Ack.

Hate is what drives mankind, but have you ever stopped to consider that one day, love will be our salvation?

When sixteen-year-old Kelli McNeil sets into motion an ancient prophecy from an extinct civilization, memories of past lives return to her. As the dreams intensify, Kelli discovers that she is the answer to the renewal of her lost race and without her, her kind will never rise again.

In every memory and dream is a man: Sebastian, whom she loves…and fears.  When she meets him in the present-day, Kelli can’t help but fall for the man she feels she’s always known. But there is more to it than love and the fate of her people. Because in every incarnation, Bastian isn’t only her true love—he’s also her murderer.

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You can read more about the concept and execution (booze-fueled) at my YA blog.

Also along the lines of Young Adult novels, I also officially announce the release of my co-write  with Julia Crane!!  This book was so much fun to write.  Julia and I passed it back and forth by email for a couple months, each of us adding a few hundred words here and there.  It was so neat to watch the story line unfold, bouncing ideas off each other every day.  I’m extremely proud of this book. Julia and I make an excellent writing team, and we’re already planning our next book :)

The six years following the abrupt death of her father were the worst of Calista Bishoff’s life. Frightened by her own mortality, Callie’s mom threw herself into a search for the Fountain of Youth—and dragged Callie along with her.

Callie should have loved traveling, but instead she hated every minute. When one more failed search sends her mother into depression, they finally return home to California.  Sixteen-year-old Callie is ready to hang with her friends and be normal for as long as she can.

But, an unplanned trip to Bermuda with her grandmother throws Callie’s plans awry, and there’s more in store for Callie and her mom than just a simple beach vacation.  Callie’s life is turned inside out as she finds herself in a very different world than the one she knows—

Where things exist that she never dreamed were real.

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The Eclective’s newest anthology was released in March – The Celtic Collection.

Six stories from the Eclective, six accounts of Celtic things. There’s more than one way to go Green.


Irish Kiss by Shéa MacLeod
Morgan Bailey, vampire Hunter, thought finding a Leprechaun’s missing pot of gold would be easy. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Luck of the Irish Brigade by M. Edward McNally

The Irish are fighting themselves, only because there are no other worthy opponents.

Song of the Banshee by Heather Marie Adkins

Belinda has a job to do, but a dying man’s grandson may be a big problem. It’s a hard world for a lonely banshee.

The Red Veil of Vengeance by Jack Wallen

Vlad Kurvail is back and, as usual, he’s pissed. This time his cold vengeance is served up to the Irish. Will their luck hold out?

Zombies Eat Leprechauns by P.J. Jones

When a zombie curse infects the Fairytale Kingdom, Lucky the Leprechaun needs the help of an idiot dragon slayer and a cross-dressing dragon to escape. Can he make it out with his pot of gold, or will Lucky’s luck run out?

Five Shamrocks by Alan Nayes

After her husband dies on St. Patrick’s Day, life goes on for Mattie O’Malley.

It is currently only available at Amazon, but is coming soon to all other major ebook retailers.

The Eclective is also planning a print version of our first three anthologies – Celtic, Holiday, and Halloween.  I’ll post about it when it happens!

My focus right now is on rewrites of “The House”.  Once released as a short story, I’m aiming to make it a complete novel.  Check out this killer cover Jack Wallen of made me!

After The House, I’ll be spending the month of June doing a quick and dirty write on The Trickster, the second book in my Vale Avari series, sequel to The Temple.


In January, Andrew and I drove to Nashville and stayed a few days.  We arrived on a Sunday and were utterly LAZY for three days, until Tuesday evening when we saw my absolute favorite band in the ENTIRE WORLD!!

I wrote a post about it for the Eclective site–it’s about dreams coming true, and the fact that we should hang on to our dreams, no matter how big or how small.  Meeting Gaelic Storm that night after the concert was one of the best nights of my life.  While you’re there, take a look at all the books my co-authors have released this spring.


The Indie Chicks have launched a website!!  From this central location, you’ll catch posts on love, life, and living from some of the hottest indie women out there — and from some of us newbies just trying to make it 😉 As a starting point, I highly recommend Terri Giuliano Long’s article on Writer’s Envy and inspiration.  If you get the bug, feel free to check out MY first post about Growing Up Slowly.

We are also in the middle of uploading our newest Indie Chicks anthologies.  More on that soon :)