With too much else to do, women’s blog challenge is on hold, unfortunately. I’m just going to have to plan on blogging some of the stuff I’d wanted later on. I wrote these quarter callings a couple weeks back for ritual; anybody directed here can feel free to use them just don’t try to pass them off as your own because the goddess will know better 😛

I am the movement of a bird’s wings.
I am the caress of a summer breeze.
I am the bite of the winter’s air.
I am the whistle of wind
I am the rustle of grasses
I am the air that sustains you.
I am Intellect, Creativity, Communication.
I am You.
I am East.

I am the crackle of a bonfire,
I am the aggressive touch of sunshine.
I am hot sand on a beach.
I am a desert beneath the midday sky.
I am the flow of lava on a mountain.
I am the heat that warms your body.
I am Passion, Energy, Purification.
I am You.
I am South.


I am the flash of a minnow in the creek.
I am the crash of waves upon the sand.
I am a sprinkler and a child’s laughter.
I am refreshment on a hot day.
I am the trickle of a mountain spring.
I am that which quenches your thirst.
I am Emotion, Intuition, Change.
I am You.
I am West.


I am cool soil beneath fingertips.
I am the embrace of an underground cavern.
I am the tendril pushing from ground.
I am land beneath your feet.
I am all around you.
I am what forms you.
I am Stability, Protection, Rest.
I am You.
I am North.