Revelation #1

I am no longer going to actively seek book reviewers.

What an awful process.  I do so much else trying to promote my books.  I’ve had several very unpleasant situations happen this week in regards to finding book bloggers to review my work.  As of now, I’m not actively seeking; if a book blogger wants to review my book, they can contact me and I will more than likely gush a bundle of thanks-yous and hand over a copy promptly.  Bottom line.

Revelation #2

I love formatting ebooks and doing other behind the scenes nonsense.

I bartered with another author this week: she’s making me the cover for my next short story and I formatted her ebook for the three platforms.  I already knew I enjoyed all the formatting nonsense, but doing someone else’s work really rubbed it in.  I LIKE formatting ebooks; weird, huh?  It’s kinda all zen-like and stuff.  Along those same lines, I enjoy fiddling with photos and creating covers, as well as making book trailers.  I’m currently putting together one for Abigail.  My sister was supposed to make one for The Temple, so before I do my own, I need to check with her.  Otherwise, I’d be doing it first!

Revelation #3

I really am invisible.

This is a tough world.  I have a select group of friends who are super supportive and wonderful, but other than that…well, I’m just a ping pong ball drifting around in a vacuum.  But, still I reach out; I think I’m kind and friendly, and I hope that that impression of myself isn’t a dream.  Sometimes I feel like I’m screaming into a crowded room without any response, both in my everyday life and in the publishing biz.  My books just hang out, waiting to be discovered.  Will they? I don’t know.

Revelation #4

Marathon, not a sprint–but my first month as a published author hasn’t been too damn shabby.

I had a leg up with the giveaway, that’s no lie, but even without the giveaway I think I’m doing better than most newbies usually do.  I don’t know what I’m doing right, but something good is happening.  As we always preach, however, this is a marathon and not a sprint.  Yes, my ultimate dream is to leave behind my day (night) job and write full time.  It’s probably going to be a couple years before that’s a possibility.

Revelation #5

I’m not writing enough and I’m taking a break.

No more hanging out on the internet.  No more doing stuff other than writing.  I have several novels to finish revising and editing so they can be released this year, and I have several others to finish writing.  The marketing, the promo, the internet procrastination–none of that is important.  The writing is what is important and I’m going to take the next month off all the extras just to focus on writing.

Wish me luck.  I’ll still be hanging around the cottage :)