Who doesn’t like sales?  Especially when combined with green beer, drinking games, St. Patrick’s effigy on a stick, and leprechauns. (of course there are leprechauns)

Author David Gaughran has pulled together this massive sale of books from some of the finest authors out there.  Not only is so much greatness in one place, but every book has been knocked back to 99 cents THIS WEEKEND ONLY.  So, pick a few books for less than the cost of a case of Guinness (and preferably buy the Guinness, too.)

My book, “Abigail”, is a paranormal romance usually priced at 2.99, yet you can grab a copy for 99 cents today, tomorrow, and Sunday.  WOOT.

Find ALL the books on sale listed HERE.


In other exciting BOOK NEWS, the Eclective’s 3rd short story collection is out!  Not only is it published, but you can download a copy FREE FROM AMAZON for the next two days! It has leprechauns, zombies, vampires, and shamrocks.  My story is about a banshee with somewhat of a drinking problem, and could be fun to read while imbibing.

Download your FREE copy HERE.