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I recently finished a little book called “On Writing” by Steven King.

What an eye opener!

I DID learn a few things.  Like passive language – had NO idea what that was until good ole Steven said it needs to me banished from my books like dirty underwear (my quote, not his).

What is passive language, you ask?  Yeah, so did I.

Mike opened the door.   – active voice
The door was opened by Mike.  – Passive voice

Just by reading those two sentences, you can tell there is a difference in the strength of the active voice.  For writing that is strong, clear, and concise – you want to utilize the active voice at all times.  The passive voice acts like a limp wrist in a man’s handshake.  No good.

He also gets on the reader for adverbs – one of MY biggest crimes.  BUT, I love adverbs.  I try to cut those that are just hanging out with no purpose, but for the most part, I lurrrve them.  Ahem.

While I felt the book as a whole was phenomenal, there was one tiny little thing I disagreed with – he states that a bad writer can’t learn to be a good writer.  Okay, I can agree with that.  You  have to had a little bit of gods-given talent.  But then he goes on to say that a mediocre writer can’t become a good writer and a good writer can’t become a great writer.

Um.  I disagree.

Writing isn’t a stagnant art form.  With practice, you can increase your abilities.  So, we’ll have to agree to disagree, Mr. King.


I had been thinking about buying one because of the ebook formatting.  I’m actually picking up a little bit of business formatting ebooks for other indies, and I HATE not having a Kindle to drop the final mobi on to check for errors.  But, poor girl and all…then, a couple days ago Amazon did a press release on the soon-to-be-released Kindles – YES, PLURAL!  www.amazon.com/Kindle-Wi-Fi-Ink-Display-Screensavers/dp/B0051QVESA/

So, my Kindle should arrive sometime today or tomorrow! So excited.

Friend and fellow (talented!) author Michelle Muto has released her second YA book, a horror with the awesome title “Don’t Fear the Reaper” – and the cover is TO DIE FOR.   I can not wait to read it.  I adored her first novel, “The Book of Lost Souls” – I expect this one to be just as fabulous!

And to round off this week’s Fictional Friday, my favorite quotes from King’s “On Writing”:

“If you write, someone will try to make you feel lousy about it.”

“Life isn’t a support system for art.  It’s the other way around.”

“There is absolutely no need to be hidepound and conservative in your work, just as you are under no obligation to write experimental, nonlinear prose because The Village Voice or The New York Review of Books says the novel is dead.  Both the traditional and modern are available to you.”

“You can’t please all of the readers all of the time; you can’t please even some of the readers all of the time, but you really ought to try to please at least some of the readers some of the time.”

“…it’s all on the table, all up for grabs…Try any goddam thing you like.”

“Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.”