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Finding Happiness

Several months back, sometime last fall, I began to have this recurring dream. In this dream, I was alone inside a mansion. The mansion was massive and oddly shaped with so many passages and stairwells that I got lost at every turn. Stranger still was the passage that led to a separate section of the…

Guest Blog by Cheryl Shireman

When I began researching the digital revolution and self-publishing, I did so at the not-so-subtle push of my Daddy.  I was on the fence, clinging to the old model (and dream) of a traditional publisher and my books on the shelves at the local Barnes & Noble.  I ran a lot of Google searches –…

Making It Better

Damn but this world is one of heartache. I’m not going to get into it because it’s not worth it to dredge up a terrible pain that took me days to vanquish.  Let’s suffice it say someone left me a scathing review on one of my FREE short stories that completely ripped my world in…

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