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Wiccan Book Club Review

Back in August, I attended a locally run Wiccan book club to speak about my books. It was an absolute blast. Everybody had great questions for me, and I hope I made a couple of new fans! This is a short but sweet review written by Debbie Hess, coordinator of the book club, for our…

Guest Post – Sibel Hodge

Sibel Hodge From 200 rejections to Amazon top 200! Ever since I was old enough to scrawl my first word, which was Halibaaaaa, I knew I wanted to write books. OK, so the word didn’t actually make sense, and it might take a little longer for me to actually string a whole sentence together, but…

Guest Post – Christine DeMaio-Rice

I have quite a few regular clients for formatting, and they’re all pretty rockin’.  One of the aspects I’ve truly, truly enjoyed about building the CyberWitch business is the fact that I’ve found some great relationships in the people I work for.  I recently posted Dani Amore’s Indie Chicks post–she’s one of those clients.  Today’s…

Guest Post – Cheryl Bradshaw “Just Me and James Dean”

I have been painfully remiss in my blogging.  For the first half of February, I was INSANELY busy with formatting jobs.  I’m not sure I took a deep breath for three weeks.  Which is probably why I then managed to get sick with some kind of lovely chest infection.  I’ve been fighting it all week. …

The Temple at Pixel of Ink

The Temple is being featured today at Pixel of Ink, one of the largest bargain book blogs. SQUEE!!!

Indie Author Spotlight–Larry Marshall

Her Book of Shadows by Larry Marshall From Goodreads: Retired Arizona cop, Scott Riker, lives with his wife and daughter in Quebec City where he heads a group of interventionists. Directed by Quebec business mogul and philanthropist, Luc Duchesne, the group uses their talents and resources to stand between people in trouble and the criminal…

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