For time’s sake (since the information is much the same from book to book) I am no longer going to do Ananda or Scapini interpretations.  I’ve formed my first impressions from these two decks and am seeking other advice (which is why the three other books).

My first impressions:



Male/Female (in most basic form)

Female dominion of man – best of the female sex? The best inside of us, no matter the sex?

Peace in times of trial – peace to come because of trial

“it’s always sunniest after the rain”

From The Mystic Tarot:

Emotional courage, physical strength, and positive action

Control through calm self-confidence, not force or fear

Tenderness and toughness fuse

Moving into a time when you will feel much stronger and in control

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Taming forces or cooperation
Courage of your convictions – you will triumph over hatred

You are filled with faith and power – optimism and firm resolve will enable you to win any situation

An unpleasant dispute or antagonism from others will be resolved now

You could gain a pet! And they will be a soothing, healing influence on you

If in relationship difficulties, open your heart, forgive and forget – there is enough love and a future is possible if neither of you give up

Reversed: Courage has deserted you

You’ve lost your nerve

You no longer believe anything is possible

Negative forces are barriers to achievement

This card is telling you to summon your inner strength and carry on despite difficulties

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

Face your fears head on – it’s the only way to overcome them

Look inside yourself for strength

Don’t let your emotions take control

Reverse: Don’t abuse your power or play dirty

Control your emotions