My first impressions:

Duh. Destruction of self (in any form)

Drunkenness. Debauchery. Innocents hurt?

Unaware of the problem facing you

One trip and things will get worse, but there is clarity and answer to be found – seek outside yourself

Suffering and persecution

From The Mystic Tarot:

Self-sacrifice (willing, because it’s imperative)

Strong symbol of losing something familiar in order to gain either understanding or a new start

Belief in the future

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Relate it to Odin’s hanging on the World Tree

Surrendering outworn concepts and fears in order to gain knowledge

Rebirth and regeneration

Feel unable to move forward or back – don’t try! Accept the pause in your life. You can not effect charges or make sensible decisions.

Cultivate your patience.

Sacrifice – job. Relationship. Abandon convention and hang upside down.

Something may have already been lost and is being mourned – there is hope – emergence with renewed energy is imminent

Do no make a decision on anything – waiting is inevitable

Reversed: This card warns against selfishness and materialism

Events may run away with you unless you stop and thing

You could be holding on to something you have and miss an opportunity for something else

Bad investments, loss of belongings, reversals of fortune

Oppression – of yourself or your oppression on others – stop and consider your actions

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

Letting go and finding a new perspective on life

What is important to you? Focus on what matters.

Reverse: Stuck doing the same things. You’re in a rut.

The only way to move forward is to sacrifice something.

You may have difficulty making decisions.