(religious faith?)

My first impressions:

Goddess, divine intervention

More than one option


It’s decision time

Fragility, putting yourself out there

Understanding yourself

Washing away?

From The Mystic Tarot:

A card of daring ideas, trust in your own talent, and a bright new destiny.

Remaking your life in a way that is healing.

“The energy I pour into today will fuel my whole future.”

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Aquarius – a sign associated with humanitarian ideals, inventiveness, and progressive thinking.

Cool note! “Those born on the 17th were supposed to be intuitive and destined to be wealthy.” I was born on April 17th. Where’s my money? This does bode well, however, for reading the tarot! It is also a number of immortality, beauty, self-expression, and hope.

A favourable and positive card! New life and renewed faith.

You will be filled with hope and gain fresh insight into a problem.

You may be able to heal others, inspire them, or make them feel better – or this card suggests if you need those things, help will soon arrive.

This card can indicate a trip to the country or a need with more contact with nature.

Relating to work – human rights, equality between sexes, “green” environmental issues, and organizations whose aim is to help others. You could get involved in such movements or become concerned about them.

In a relationship, it suggests joy and balance. You make each other happy!

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

Wishing upon a star – requires faith, belief that you will be heard and trusting that when you put something out there, it will come back to you.

Don’t lose sight of your hopes and dreams, you have the power to reach your goals.

This is a time when anything is possible.

Your hopes and dreams just might come true.


There has been a loss of faith.

Your dreams seem unattainable.

Suffering from a lack of confidence or low self esteem, particularly in your intuition.

Your bright hopes have been dashed.

You feel depressed and pessimistic of the future. Could be from events, or just general exhaustion – you know which one it is.

Considerable tension and stubborn refusal to let go.

Take a break – the world will not cease to turn.

Relationship – lack of trust in each other. You may feel cut off or unable to express love naturally.