My first impressions:

Duh. You’re in a box. It’s bad. Get out.

A time is coming – your choice is now

Regrets – is there something you regret about this question?

Atone for that regret


From The Mystic Tarot:

A card of decisions to be made

A sign of looking back – whether with regret or no

No situation is final

Judging without blame, changing without fear

“I will face my past and let it go, ready to seize my future.”

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Some riches are not easily found, but when they are, they bring great rewards

Can signify decisions. Pressing decisions that will improve your life.

An awakening. You can see things more clearly now.

You may feel restored and renewed.

A very positive card when concerned about someone’s health (yours or another’s). Healing is taking place.

This card indicates a good time for a career change, if you had been thinking of it.

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

A wake-up call for your spirit.

You know that you’re close to reaching your goal and it’s renewed your energy.

Personal awareness is heightened.

Just when you though you knew everything…there’s something more.

Reverse: You’re dragging your feet about taking that final step.

You are ignoring your spiritual side, and that creates an imbalance.

Are you clinging to a dream or fantasy that is unrealistic?

Avoid superstitions.

A decision that needs to be made is being delayed, creating a stagnant pause.

Make up your mind or you could lose something of value to you.

Could symbolize a fear of death or fear of major changes.

Could denote a loss of some kind – you and your partner may need time apart, but it’s not necessarily permanent.