My first impressions:

Justice from my Luigi Scapini tarot deck

Justice from my Luigi Scapini tarot deck


Foreign, exotic, new

Balance of scales



From The Mystic Tarot:

Balance, fairness, decisions

Legal affairs

Second chances in love (strong symbol)

“The best decisions are the ones I make for myself”

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Symbolic of Maat, Egyptian goddess who weighed the souls of the dead against the feather of truth. Her name means truth and justice

Fate; Karma; cause and effect

Mental harmony and balance rather than emotional concerns

Can sometimes indicate a decision to be made – primarily logical, and thus should be worked out accordingly – make a list of pros and cons and the answer will be clear

Law, contracts, or formal agreements are often indicated by this card

When involved in some kind of litigation, this card often suggest it will be settled in your favor

Reversed: injustice, imbalance, and delays

Legal process will be slow and painful – you will pay more or wait longer than you bargained for

Divorce, buying a house- be prepared for bad news

May indicate a separation from your legal marriage – usually on friendly terms

From The Ananda Tarot:

Justice from my Ananda deck

Justice from my Ananda deck

Sense of justice

Forgiveness, release of feelings

Restoring natural balance

Mercy before right

Acting out of compassion

Letting go of judgments

Equal rights

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

Being straightforward, honest, and fair – no flair

Life isn’t always easy, but it will work out in the end

Ask yourself “what is fair?” or “what do I deserve?”

Keep yourself open to see all sides

Prepare yourself for hard lessons

The RIGHT thing will happen

Reverse: an unpleasant or unfair decision has been made

A lack of balance

Someone is giving you unwise advice

From the Luigi Scapini Tarot

Just reward

Good intentions

Firmness of character

Favorable or unfavorable, the outcome will be fair


Ability to perceive temptation and acoiv evil

Reversed; bias

False accusations


Severity in judgment