My first impressions:

The Chariot from my Luigi Scapini deck

The Chariot from my Luigi Scapini deck




Head in the clouds


Balance of light and dark

From The Mystic Tarot:

Movement, activity, progress, and travel

Voyages of discovery

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

To understand your past and present, conscious and unconscious, in order to take control of your future.

Hard work brings rewards

Success after a personal battle – i.e. your book becomes a best seller but only after being rejected by twenty different publishers

As a person in your life, this is someone who believes in perseverance, who can inspire you and encourage you to not give in

Can bring the energy and will power to use your abilities to the full

Let go of distractions and get on with it!

Reversed: addiction, envy, and avarice

Negative attitudes, limitations, and loss of self-control

Arrogance or a lack of self-confidence limit your abilities

Ignoring clues, forgetting reality (often through drink or drugs)

A warning against wasting your resources

From The Ananda Tarot:

The Chariot from my Ananda deck

The Chariot from my Ananda deck

Inner balance, letting go of old patterns of thinking

Venturing into the unknown

Urge for freedom


Taking risks

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

Harness the forces around you to keep you steady and on track; this requires stamina and focus

You are focused and intent on achieving your goals

Reverse: there is a loss of control and focus

Difficulty finishing tasks or projects

From the Luigi Scapini Tarot:

Major effort

Rushing to decision

Adversity overcome

Greatness can be achieved when you are in balance

Reversed: defeat, failure

To lose something at the last minute that was within grasp

Sudden collapse of plans

To be conquered

Failure to face reality