It’s funny how life seems to just push itself between me and my spirituality.  During an average week of work/sleep/school (not particularly in that order, of course) my attention reaches its limits.  Work all night, come home (too tired to function beyond putting pj’s on) and sleep ten hours, get up and read a little before work, go to work – where my attention is, once again, on school.  I haven’t the energy nor the time to do my religious studies and keep up the “practicing” part of my Witch.  (Or this blog, or my writing…)

It’s all about prioritizing – I lose my place and forget to make what is priority come before all else.  In my life, my spirituality comes first.  Before all else, I am a Witch, a Wiccan, a devoted daughter of the Great Goddess and her Consort God.  I know that each day I should devote time to my religion – whether a few moments lighting and a candle and asking Her for blessings on my coming day in the morning, or a full scale ritual for any number of things I’ve considered doing.  My second priority, my writing, can come hand in hand here.  Ritual to get my creative juices flowing, to unblock my creativity when I hit a wall, or a fun little craft to ensure success in my literary endeavors.

When life stands in the way, I forget what’s important.  Yes, I’m in school because I want to be, but I don’t have to go full time.  I could just as easily go part time, leaving my options for practice and writing open.  I don’t have to sleep all day.  Why do I not force myself out of bed after 8 hours and sit before my computer to write?  It’s laziness.

When I speak of these priorities, they come after my family, of course.  But these are the priorities that I must focus on for my mental, emotional, and physical health.  When I have detached from my spiritual practices, it’s obvious.  i am easily irritated, very depressed, and not a nice person.  My boyfriend has pointed this out to me several times.  Yet I don’t take that extra effort needed to be the Witch I should be.

I’m determined to change this.  Since school ended, I have been reading my occult books and writing like crazy.  I’m attempting to fall into a daily habit of speaking to the Goddess.  I’ve actually come up with a tentative “daily spiritual health” plan of five steps.  We will see how it goes.

On the writing front, I’m deep in revisions of The Temple and about five pages from the END of CSoD.  The end! It only took four years.  When I log off this blog tonight, it will be to finish my novel.

Now that I’ve finished my tirade, for today’s Tarot.

My first impressions:

The Empress from my Scapini Tarot Deck

The Empress from my Scapini Tarot Deck

Dreams (achieving)




From The Mystic Tarot:

Nurturing both physical and emotional needs

Symbol of fertility

Harmony, security, and warmth promised

Signifies a time of calm prosperity after what may have been a bad period

Hidden talents with reference to children

A connection to the countryside – maybe a move that way

Traveling will not solve your problems – you must stand still and face the facts

A symbol of family happiness however unlikely that seems

“I am filled with love and beauty that I am privileged to share with the world”

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Represents the fertile mother goddess and the full moon

It is she that reminds us cold, barren winter will end eventually

Symbols of star and ear of corn

Earthy, healthy appetite (food and sex)


Brimming over with creativity

The time is right to grow and expand

Warm, loving, sensual

Could often foretell a pregnancy or birth

Emphasis on physical love

Reversed: Blocked creativity. (surrounding cards will show why)

Sexual difficulties – promiscuity

An unwanted child conceived – unwanted responsibility

Can signify a period of poverty (literal or metaphorical)

Spiritual winter – When reversed, remember the cold will end with Spring – you just may need to help it along

From The Ananda Tarot:

The Empress from my Ananda Tarot deck

The Empress from my Ananda Tarot deck

What has only bean an idea can now become reality

Consequences of the endless cycle of life, death, rebirth

Key words: creative potential, adaptability, development

Life-affirming, cultivation

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

She brings abundance, productivity, and a good crop (literally and metaphorically)

You are in a time to complete the projects you start

Comfy environment, your needs are met

Reversed: Promised bounty will not be forthcoming

Expect troubles at home

Creative roadblock

From The Luigi Scapini Tarot

The stars on her crown – 9 muses, 12 zodiac

Feminine progress

Natural energy

Maternal influence – mother, sister, wife

Ability to motivate

Level headed, practical

Reversed: inaction, lack of interest/concentration

Delay in progress


Loss of possessions


Infertility, infidelity

Fickle love