My first impressions:

The Fool from my Scapini Tarot deck

The Fool from my Scapini Tarot deck

A journey taken too soon

Unforeseen effects of our actions


From The Mystic Tarot:

Fresh start, excitement, enthusiasm, a leap into the unknown

Mystery, an opportunity to remake your life

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Uranus, Air – independence, eccentricity, intuition, freedom, inventiveness

The optimistic child inside us – unconventional, unrestricted

Let go, take a risk, don’t worry about what others think

Even if your plans seem crazy, you are in tune with yourself – you know yourself

An exciting journey mental, physical, spiritual, or all three

Nervous energy, unstable conditions (particularly to health)

Sexual ambivalence or unconventional sex life (bisexual, homosexual)

Reversed: look before you leap! This is not the time to take a risk. Hang on to your money, luck has deserted you. If in a new relationship, take it slow. If in an old relationship but lacking commitment, either accept that person for their faults or get out,

From The Ananda Tarot:

The Fool from my Ananda Tarot deck

The Fool from my Ananda Tarot deck

Blessed with carefree ignorance

Nothing is impossible

Like a child, he feels naturally connected to living things – pets

In the Tarot, he is at the beginning and at the end – the link to close the circle between action and effect


Possibilities may be open to you – draw another card for further info

Connection with the Divine



From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

Starting a new journey or adventure

Innocence – lack of experience, but without care

Stepping into unknown, trying something new without fear of failure

You’ll never know if you don’t try

Reverse: afraid to take that first step, a setback or delay in plans, you can’t just step blindly into the world without thinking about the consequences of your actions

From The Luigi Scapini Tarot:

Lack of discipline


Tendency to start a project without planning.

Reversed: faulty choice or bad decision.  Indecision.  Hesitancy.  Ignoring opportunities.