My first impressions:

The Pope from my Scapini Tarot deck

The Pope from my Scapini Tarot deck



Fear of the unknown


Mediation/mediator? Between you and Divine

From The Mystic Tarot:

Wisdom, knowledge, understanding

Guidance and teaching

The value of loyalty and of being trustworthy

“I am open to help and advice”

“I am looking forward now, and not back”

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

“one who interprets sacred mysteries”

Taurus – the bull (material world, possessions, money, security)

School? Religion?

Someone who pays great attention to detail

Marriage or a public joining

A person in life who can open mental doors for you

You may thrive on routine and abhor uncertainty

Reversed: Spirit of anarchy

Rebellion against establishment, breaking rules

Reject your background and authority

You may turn on the religion of your childhood and seek your own truths

If seeking advice, take a second opinion (doctor,lawyer,etc)

Don’t rush into any agreements

From The Ananda Tarot:

The Hierophant from my Ananda Tarot deck

The Hierophant from my Ananda Tarot deck

Living one’s inner truth

Meaningful use of the energies at hand

Spiritual messenger

Spiritual awareness

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

The greater good of the community, not personal gain

A place of learning

A teacher or educator

Time to choose a conventional path

Don’t rock the boat

Work with a group for the greater good

Reverse: challenge to authority

Finding your path through non-conventional ways

A hasty decision for personal gain

From The Luigi Scapini Tarot:

Mercy and receptiveness to the needs of others




Tendency to cling to ideas and principles even if outdated

Inability to adapt to new circumstances and changing conditions

Reversed: foolish exercise of generosity

Repeated errors