Grounded in material things. Finances, resources, possessions, and work. They focus on security or wealth or the lack of ability to maintain them.


*The physical side of life

*A great card!

*Prosperity, happiness, success in new ventures

*Money or gifts coming soon

*Concrete reality, material wealth, comforts

*noticeable financial improvement

*Aces denote new beginnings, so maybe a new job or improvement in your career

‘*Cash gifts or valuable presents relating to the home

*Prosperity in other aspects – if you enjoy working with your hands, you gain great pleasure from it now

*Emotionally, you are secure and content, peaceful


*Greed, obsessed with money and material gain

*Not using your talents for good purposes

*The bottom might be about to drop out

*New found wealth may not last

*Money is lost

*Someone who is already financially secure who cannot resist trying to make more money or acquire more possessions – but this person is unhappy

*Corrupt business dealings or fraud


*Financial or material balancing act is indicated – you may have to take extra work for a special treat or holiday – two bank accounts juggling, two sources of income

*You may soon receive practical help which will enable you to pursue a particular project

*Double meaning and warning – do not abuse help offered. You are being given a chance to develop a second string to your bow.

*This card often points to self-employed people, warning them to balance their energies and resources accordingly because of uncertain incomes

*Restlessness at work or home – fluctuating situations…one month is financially good, the next is terrible

*Find balance


*False gaiety, putting on a brace face (but not fooling anyone)

*Time to reorganize and prioritize

*Issues a warning against living beyond your means: financial imbalance, mounting debts, wild fluctuations suggested

*A touchy, moody phase where you are easily upset – duality will show they will be balanced by periods of feeling overconfident

*Unstable or inconsistent action

*You feel aimless and therefore going nowhere at the moment – fix your purpose


*Someone has worked hard to master a profession, art, or other means of earning a living. This has increased that person’s value. They are on the way to being established

*Effort will be rewarded – promotion, salary increase, praise and approval – material gain is likely due to the nature of this card, but in small

*Improvements and decorations at home – an extension, new kitchen, garden landscaping, etc. You have the money for it and increased comfort is indicated

*Pat yourself on the back


*Potential success spoiled by a lack of application

*Fear of failure or being exceptionally fixed in one’s ways are the most likely blocks to be overcome here

*Stick in the mud attitude – originality is stifled, talent disregarded

*Unlikely to receive a salary increase – greed on the part of your employers, not on your abilities at work

*A delay in receiving your due



*There will soon be money in the bank!

*A period of financial stability is coming – you will make lasting improvements to your circumstances

*Not fabulous wealth, but comfort – enough to cover bills and a little left over for fun

*Slow but sure increase in power and responsibility

*Overly attached to material wealth, but you worked hard to attain it and keep it.

*Not generous with material wealth, but cautious

*Not worried about finanaces


*Thoughts of money are dominating matters

*Unpleasant card – greed and miserliness

*Financial anxiety

*Monetary responsibilities; constantly trying to balance your budget

*Avarice, envy, and discontent

*Nothing is good enough

*You are in danger of being dominated by material possessions

*Keep an eye on your finances


*difficulty with personal foundation – spiritual or financial

*Need to pay attention to health issues

*Financial hardship coming from past extravagance or a period of unemployment is eating away at your resources

*Material losses accompanied by loss of faith in oneself

*Hardship and struggle have worn down optimism – the daily grind to survive takes every ounce of energy

*If financially comfortable, it could indicate a poverty of spirit. Low self worth – depletion of confidence and creativity.

*A solution is at hand – consult the other cards, though it is unlikely to be easy because all fives are inherent in conflict

*restore your faith and confidence – something lasting may come from your struggles and make it all worth it.


*Change of luck, return of hope

*Accept and understand that life offers good and bad

*Your financial situation will improve.

*Former losses will be made good

*You could receive help from outside


*The sharing of wealth – “what goes around comes around”

*Gratification, satisfaction in unions and commitments

*Sharing rewards

*Philanthropy and charity

*If establishing a business, outside help will get you on your way; if established already, you may face an opportunity to help somebody

*Increase in power or influence


*Jealousy, unfairness

*Rewards might not come free of charge

*A warning against financial loss, through stupidity, gambling, or extravagance – could come through absentmindedness or theft!

*Financial settlements like wills or divorces – sharing everything


*Satisfaction in solid accomplishments

*Time to collect rewards and profits from something you have grown

*Investments will pay off with solid accomplishment

*The seeds are sown; slow growth will bring fulfillment

*Presently, you will work and work for little monetary gain, and it may seem pointless.

*Could often relate to “unpaid” work like absorbing hobbies, child rearing, or charity work. Monetarily, they don’t pay, but fundamentally, they do. Remember that.


*A poor return on investments, or smaller than expected

*Anxious about finances

*Sense of disappointment and failure in work

*Hard work in vain

*This dreary period should end shortly – don’t exhaust yourself worrying

*Reassess your talents, dreams and directions, and prepare to start again


*A dedicated worker who puts that extra little bit into a project

*Success at work

*Well rounded, focused

*Preparing yourself for the next stage, the new direction

*Industrious card relating to work and practical abilities

*Could signify training, apprenticeship, or further education – knowledge and skills being expanded in some way


*Trouble at work/school with finances

*Ambition has slowed down

*Not using talents to full potential or for something dishonest

*Feeling of limitation at work – could be the work itself to blame or your inability to learn new skills

*You could be in the wrong job or are misusing your talents


*Secure, independent, generous

*Know when to slow down and enjoy things

*Feel connected to people and world around you

*Financial plateau

*Much has been achieved – enjoy yourself!

*Material comfort and sensual pleasure

*Self-sufficiency – pleasure to be gained from improving your home, buying new cloths, and treating yourself well.

*Could point to an earthy love of nature, growing things, and cultivating plants – maybe a career or hobby in these areas which bring happiness and a sense of serenity


*Fear, anxiety over money or business

*Incomplete or abandoned projects

*Lack of trust, too dependent on others

*Material security at risk – many forms possible, consult surrounding cards

*Bad management or risky ventures

*Present standards of living will be hard to maintain – expect temporary loss


*A connection of money and family – inheritance, financial gift, or practical help from family

*Money, success, material comfort with a sense of permanence

*Balance of finances and family life

*Security and comfort


*Family misfortune or a burdensome family are suggested

*You may feel restricted or inhibited by your family/background; family expectations/traditions may be feeling difficult to live up to

*When not referring to family, it suggests financial misfortune – reducing potential profits or undermining material security

*Inheritance may be delayed, or smaller than you expected

*Poor choices in finance or gambling

*Loss of money

*family insecurity


*Luck in the material world is on the way!

*enthusiastic about work and always puts up extra effort

*Scholar, practical, ambitious

*Minor financial improvement

*happy news connected to finance or family


*Unfavorable news, bad news about finances

*Wants material gain but unwilling to work for it


*Money could be tight

*Warning against the theft of purse/wallet

*Unexpected bills


*Ambition and determination

*Hardworking, patient, conventional

*Lack of imagination, but honest and forthright, makes a good friend or business partner with staying power

*Responsible, helpful

*Good with finances


*Financial strictures, career problems, difficulties in work

*Poor man, depleted confidence and money

*Overextended credit, refusal of loans

*Unable to focus, careless, neglectful of duties

*Irresponsible, unable to finish projects


*The ability to work tenaciously towards a goal – money may be tight, but with a goal, it is in the future

*Savings, loans, investors


*Fertility, abundance, generosity

*Hard worker, responsible, caring

*Likes to take care of people

*Supportive, practical, kind

*Someone who is fond of luxury, food, good clothes, and elegance with an instinct for history

*She dislikes failure and has a strong aversion to poverty

*Successful in business, good with management; doesn’t like boring activities unless they will lead to something better


*Suspicious, moody, insecure

*Afraid of failing, so rarely tries

*Needy, mistrustful

*Selfish and hard-hearted

*Greedy about food, money, or materials – spends lavishly without thought for others

*Gold digger

*Overambitious in business – little time for love and family and friendship – only has use for people who can better her position


*A desire to enjoy and acquire beautiful things

*Might appear in the midst of a time of hard work as an indication to reward yourself with a few indulgences – a massage, clothes, makeup, etc.


*Generous, intelligent, good with finances

*Logical, thoughtful, brave

*Steady and true

*Responsible and cautious individual

*Patience and foresight for planning

*very traditional


*Sneaky, corrupt, lazy, bad with finances

*Thinks things should just be handed to them

*Interested only in material gain

**Miserly, boring character

*Possessive and jealous, unreasonable

*Inability to take a risk

*Business failure, loan delays


*Financial improvement, promotion, or establishment of business