This suit focuses on topics like love, relationships, imagination, friendships, and celebration. They affect our emotions, either in joy or sorrow.

With any suit, it is important to look at surrounding cards to determine what the card is speaking of.


*Emotions and heart are open – ready to send and receive; a new journey in love and spirituality.

*Wonderful beginnings

*Nourishment, fertility, abundance, good health

*Awakening spirituality, rising consciousness

*Creativity and self-expression – free spirit

*Water conceives and nurtures ideas into being

*You are about to be inspired – through a love affair or vivid dreams

*A productive phase in career matters

*mutual passion and uplifting, joyful emotions characterize your relationship


*The cup is empty – you or somebody else is running away from their feelings; love affair could be ending

*Unrealistic, one sided love affair

*Blocked creativity – from emotional stress

*Physical, mental, or emotional sterility

*You have a deep need for love and care

*Things are changing and becoming unstable; not what they seem

*You don’t always get what you want, and you must learn to deal


*Balance, harmony, sharing, commitment

*Opening up to someone

*Union, partnership, friendship

*Good news on its way

*Can denote a new romantic attachment entering your life or a loving phase in an established relationship


*Imbalance in relationship or within yourself

*You are at an impasse in a relationship and someone must make the first move

*Is it time to step back? Sever ties and move on?

*Emotional battles

*relationship difficulties – arguments, misunderstandings

*Separation is likely, relationship/partnership/friendship (other cards should indicate), but this card denotes “foolish waste” so maybe try to fix it first


*Something to celebrate is likely soon! Joyful and festive time.

*Personal life – family celebrations, or a birth outside the immediate family circle

*Lucky card – vital forces, good health, possibility of presents/prizes

*Happiness ahead – you are a magnet for good things

*A lively phase with plenty of parties and happy events

*Happy endings, victory, healing

*Possible talents in the arts


*Over-indulgence, too much socializing – could be putting on weight or feel unhealthy as a result

*Warns against over extravagance – no compulsive buying of presents for yourself or spending unnecessarily

*Little likelihood of a birth or wedding

*It’s possible someone is hurt by your excesses

*Time to get things back under control


*Detached, separated from others, emotionally distant

*Lots of inner turmoil

*Feeling misunderstood

*Sense of dissatisfaction and stagnation

*Mild depression

*Card can appear when querent has been emotionally scarred and is scared of being hurt again – open up to new things and it will help

*Your established relationship may need some new pizzazz; do enjoyable things together.

*A short holiday or long weekend away could help in this instance


*Ready to return to society after a period of solitude

*Starting new projects or relationships

*Horrible and pervasive fear of being alone has led to a frantic social life and a string of unsuitable lovers – it is ultimately unsatisfactory

*This card suggests current projects or career mean little to you – look for new opportunities; maybe you just need a new hobby or interest


*An emotional loss

*Grief, bitterness

*Wallowing in self-pity

*Keeping things locked up inside

*Strength to overcome the situation is there but you must acknowledge it

*An ideal relationship, deep belief, or faith in someone else has been dashed to the ground

*Inability to understand why or when things went wrong – but deep inside, you know there is another route to take


*An unhappy time is coming to an end soon

*Despair is lifting, hope is rising and new opportunities appear

*Pain has left its mark, so you may be more cautious or restrained than before

*Happiness may be coming back in your life, in the form of a good friend or former lover – you may have parted badly and the relationship caused you pain or regret. Now you can make up.

*rising above ideas of loss or unhappy events and moving on

*Kinship, new alliances


*Something or someone from your past returns

*The past holds happy memories and brings good tidings

*Strongly linked to your emotional past – denotes happy childhood memories, past lovers, and old friends or special colleagues. The past will serve a useful purpose in the present. Could be a bridge to something new.

*A question regarding work could point to you being rewarded for past efforts

*On an inner level, this card could be telling you your answer lies in the past. Try to remember what made you happy in the past – those hobbies and interests could fuel your future fulfillments.


*Time to let go and move on

*Time for renewal

*Unhappy memories

*Cut the cords that bind you to the past – it is holding you back

*Nostalgia and sentimentality are clouding your vision – let go of your rose colored glasses; the past wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and its stopping your forward motion creatively and emotionally

**Quit blaming the past, move on.

*Have a fresh start and concentrate on living in the present


**Too many choices, lost in dreams and imagination

*Imagination has kicked into high gear and is clouding your decisions

*You are missing important details

*A multitude of possibilities and choices, but too many what-ifs and buts, doubts and illusions. It all sounds wonderful, but nothing is being seen clearly

*Fairy gold – mythical substance had a tendency to change form or disappear when required

*Wait a bit for things to develop, don’t get carried away or rush in to things; when the mists clear, something solid will emerge

*An emotional choice: several potential partners? You like them all but are not drawn strongly in any one direction. Even if they are pressing for an answer, don’t act immediately, your judgment is unsound; wait and see.


*At last a decision has been made

*Determined to meet goals, on the right track.

*Warns of deception in some way

*Don’t get lost in drugs or alcohol, losing a sense of reality – if you are to succeed, you must overcome this.

*If you have recently had some small success, don’t rest now. There is danger you will sit and think about future successes without actually working towards them.

*Deception or delusion in relationship

*Make no permanent decisions now.


*This card speaks of a significant relationship or situation which you invested a lot of energy or emotion into in the past, but you are moving away from it and abandoning what was achieved. Maybe it wasn’t what you thought it was. It lacks substance, or did not bring you happiness.

*Empty, futile success

*Your feelings may be subjective, as this is a watery card!

*You may take a journey or go through a period of restless travel

*Unhappy with your present situation – it is time for drastic change

*You may realize something is not as important as you thought

*Focus on inner thoughts and spirituality


*Period of emotional confusion

*Fantasy preferred to reality

*Depression and lack of interest in life

*Quiet desperation: you’ve lost your way

*Exhaustion: you have no energy to solve all your problems

*An endless search for perfection in any aspect of your life is the root of this problem, usually

*Outside help will be needed: you can’t see the forest for the trees at this point

*Return to the world


*Success and happiness in whatever you wish

*A good sign when you’ve made a wish

*Victory and security

*A positive, radiant card

*Contentment, physical health

*You have reached a creative and emotional peak

*Your dreams are about to come true

*Life is joyful

*Your relationships are fulfilling – love flows easily – no frustration or anything lacking – communication reaches new and intimate depths

*Creatively, ideas are coming easily and you have plenty of energy to implement them

*If you’ve been wrestling with something for a long time, it may now go smoothly and effortlessly



*Having to wait for the desired outcome

*A warning against complacency – if everything is going well, there is danger of becoming lazy and careless

*In relationships, you may be taking things for granted – put out more effort

*Your partner may be feeling neglected or resentful, even if you feel everything is perfect

*Card often appears after a relationship has been formalized (marriage, living together) You need to freshen things up

*Above meanings also apply to creative endeavors

*Don’t let success go to your head or you may lose everything you have worked so hard to achieve


*Whatever you wished for has come true

*Your dreams will come true

*Everything is working like a dream


*Abundant joy all over your life

*Permanence and growth in relationships, valuable friendships

*inner satisfaction and self-love turn outwards and form strong emotional ties with others.


*Home life is unsatisfactory, causing pain among loved ones

*Delays in reaching a satisfying conclusion

*Emotional disruptions, quarrels, and losses – could be temporary, consult your other cards for more info

*You may have to move from a much loved house, town, or country, or a sense of loss because others move away.


*News of romance or help from family and friends.

*Things are changing for the better

*A young man, gentle, creative, possibly providing assistance

*Approaching joy, happiness, something good to your life

*Imaginary fears or emotional difficulties in a child

*Dawning of creative or intuitive impulses – expressed through dreams, reading about mysteries, an increased awareness of atmosphere or emotion.

*Happy, emotional news – a friend in love, a wedding, engagement, or a baby


*Moods and emotions are strong and need to be kept in check

*Prefers solitude, doesn’t express feelings or needs

*Unreality, lack of coherent action or thought

*You or someone close to you is suffering bad dreams or difficult to comprehend intuitions


*Creative and artistic, thoughtful and intelligent

*A romantic dreamer. Head in the clouds.

*Beginning of something new – a romance?

*An open heart, open to new ideas and people

*Love has just entered a life and is elevated and romantic – a dream

*Spiritual and emotional person


*A fraud, dishonest, probably hiding something

*There isn’t an emotional balance in the relationship

*Doesn’t play well with others

*Talented person who lacks ambition and may have emotional problems

*Lost and seeking advice but not able to follow it through

*Lazy, prefers to sleep and read than act

*relationships are not what they seem – a lover may be leaving


*Blossoming creativity, a developing interest in spiritual concerns

*Classes or groups with paranormal interests


*Fair and honest woman

*Devoted, caring, artistic

*Intuitive and emotional

*Very feminine, artistic, psychic

*Unusual, individual clothes, tendency to witchcraft and magick

*Not very assertive

*Tender hearted

*Trouble being on time


*Full of exaggeration, overactive imagination

*Means well but can’t be trusted

*Actions require more than intuition alone. Stop and think

*A changeable, overemotional woman

*her moods make life difficult for her loved ones

*A woman who has sustained emotional wounds

*Locked in an unhappy, unfulfilling relationship

*Her talents lie dormant

*Repressed emotions, blocked sexuality, self-pity, and emotional exhaustion


*The world of fantasy and fiction

*Emotional therapy, family therapy, guidance


*The most feminine of the four kings

*Highly intuitive, found in creative jobs

*Eccentric because he makes decisions when they “feel” right

*Powerfully charismatic; magnetic yet often difficult

*Makes a dangerous enemy, never forgetting a betrayal or slight and bent on revenge

*Highly sexed and emotional; his sensitivity both a blessing and a curse

*Can be moody and prone to fits of jealousy

*Rarely boring or predictable

*Compassion guides him – and can assist you as well

*Thoughtful and fair, calm


*Heavy drinking, unreliability, drugs

*Emotionally repressed, impossible to articulate his needs and feelings, or considering them weak or unmanly

*Prone to depression

*An unfaithful partner – so emotional and easily led sexily he may be giving both partners the idea he is in love with them. He is unable to choose or conduct a light and friendly association like the King of Wands. He will go done and you may go with him.

*Dishonest, deceitful

*Emotions too strong and difficult to handle

*Detached, lack of perspective


*Artistic and cultural activities – creative effort, art galleries, publishing, music industry

*New age businesses and movements associating with alternative or spiritual ideas