Mental clarity and intellect guide this suit. The power of the mind through communication and ideas will combat any obstacle, but a sword can cause harm and conflict as well – watch which way it is pointing.


*You will succeed in a new project but action is necessary

*Starting a new successful venture

*Heightened emotions

*Powerful, triumphant, in control

*Mental changes, fresh ways of thinking, and intellectual prowess

*Success in a field where unemotional, logical thought is important.

*Stands for the forces of justice – if your question concerned legal matters, it could bode well

*Excessive power could be indicated – like an unstoppable hurricane sweeping through your life – such energy could destroy anything not firmly rooted

*Mental, emotional, or spiritual death – ideas or attachments may fade away, opening new possibilities – look to adjacent cards to see which area of life will be affected

*Some link this card to the laws of karma – as you have sown, so shall you reap


*Slow down, take it easy, you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

*A new project will have troubles.

*Delays, misunderstandings, or even documents mislaid in the post – things will seem unfair

*Expect quarrels – but remember sometimes they can be one way to clear the air. Old negative links may be severed.

*Physically, this suggests mental stress and imbalance

*You could be up against someone powerful and tyrannical, or be inclined to behave this way yourself


*Balanced forces – but there is a sense of stalemate; the message of this card is tension

*An uneasy/unsettled peace after a troubled period – original tensions still hanging around need to be resolved

*A calm before, during, or after the storm – other cards should suggest the storm itself

*Resolution to practical matters, particularly lawsuits – justice will be served – relief is in sight

* You or someone is unwilling to confront existing problems, fearing fights, separations, or imbalances.

*you have lost sight of your goals, reached a stalemate, you feel stuck

*You are in need of advice and guidance – open your eyes and look around


*Think very carefully

*It can denote release and resolution, such positive changes require careful handling

*You are not receiving the best advice so don’t rush into anything

*Lies and deceit – someone may be trying to take advantage of you

*This is a very self-centered card

*Slow change and release from captivity of any kind – surrounding cards will suggest what area

*Get moving, make a decision, but be cautious of advice


*Something that will make a heart ache is on the way – sorrow, loss, absence, remorse


*Usually brings tears in the wake of a romantic interlude that seems very real at first

*The eternal triangle – someone will be hurt

*You or somebody you love is trying to find themselves in another person

*This could bring enlightenment, however – growth as an end result

*If already in a committed relationship, it may be coming to an end and is causing you great mental stress

*Inevitable separations

*inner conflict

*Group work is troubled at this time


*Emotionally removed, dissatisfied

*Things are starting to turn around and will be fixed soon

*Confusion and anxiety

*Chaos and upheaval are stress factors in your life

*Remember, every dark and chaotic situation contains the potential for rebirth

*Major heartache is over – the healing process has begun


*The idea of stability through rest – in a temporary way

*Quiet time allows you to gather your thoughts, reassess what has already been achieved, and enjoy a peaceful interlude

*A short stay in a hospital, planned retreat to religious sanctuary, or a deliberate withdrawal from the world

*This card should be taken seriously. Unplug the phone, stay in, and take it easy.

*Retreat, repose, understanding. Rest and reboot.

Not struggling against obstacles but accepting their presence.


*Earlier warnings have been ignored

*Withdrawal is being forced upon you

*A serious stay in the hospital

*Nervous exhaustion is linked to a physical problem or mental instability

*You are lonely. Friendships/relationships fail to bring pleasure

*Your private life is dull and limited; it is only a phase, it won’t last forever.

*A lot is happening, both positive and negative

*Think before acting


*Selfish actions, manipulation, destruction

*Abuse of power, degradation

*Battle, enemies, change

*Complex card – it must be considered in context of the reading

*Failure and loss of some kind

*A sense of limitation and unfairness – but this will bring a new direction

*You will pick up the shattered pieces and create something new

*Underhand tactics – lies, gossip, and malice could be the cause of defeat or was employed by querent for a hollow victory

*If surrounded by happy cards, it was a minor loss sustained – the path you were following was not yours and the only thing wounded was your pride


*Reaching some even ground

*Trying to pick a fight

*Some success but much less than anticipated

*Defeat after a battle of wills – a battle of words? Lies and slander.

*Powerful feelings of jealousy, envy, and self-pity may need to be overcome

*quit analyzing and resolve to start fresh


*One of the most peaceful cards in this troubled suit

*You are leaving your worries behind and moving forward into a happier phase

*Surrounding cards will indicate which area of life is moving – maybe a relationship is improving or financial difficulties are less pressing – a worrying period is ending

*Travel of some kind, frequently marking the end of a hard time – they are restorative and help you to think clearly about the future

*It could be a suggestion of taking a short trip

*The end of a difficult time

*Beginning a new journey

*Setting your sights on new goals and a bright future


*Continuing difficulties (temporary)

*There are still battles to be fought before things will run smoothly

*This card is not of defeat – victory is possible – tenacity is needed

*Can denote a peaceful interlude during a time of struggle

*Can’t get past a bad situation

*Need to rethink plans and attitude

*Confession and declaration


*Plans, design, action, confidence

*Deception – beware the plans of others

*You aren’t being told the whole truth

*A curious, restless card

*New ideas, fresh mental input at work

*Self-employment, unstable in work

*Boredom, fear of being trapped, and a restless mind – success still possible but you need regular stimulus and change

*Be careful with sharing your ideas; they may be stolen


*Instruction, good counsel

*Truth revealed


*Insubstantial promises or compliments implied

* You are in danger of being manipulated by a fast talker

*Don’t believe all you hear or read; this card is full of tricks and traps

Indecision; you are finding it difficult to act and may have a mind full of negative thoughts. Indecision in a project.


*How fears control our lives – you feel trapped and unable to break free

*Bad news, fear, indecision

*afraid of letting go


*Period of temporary restriction

*You are unable to see a solution to your problems and feel very much alone in dealing with difficulties

*Think about things in a fresh way to help release the bonds

*This card indicates a lot of mental energy is being wasted – indecision, worry, constant fretting are acting as energy blocks

*Face the situation squarely and make a decision – you may need outside help to put problems in perspective or analyze them clearly and unemotionally

*Unexpected solutions are possible


*Decisions made, optimism returns

*Finally free of something

*Still some difficulties

*A restrictive situation is passing out of your life; renewed confidence and a sense of relaxation enable you to solve problems

*A great deal of hard thinking has brought about this release

*A quarrelsome patch in a relationship or selfish behavior – overall thoughtlessness and lack of consideration for others – other cards should indicate whether this is temporary


*A dark place full of fear and suffering

*Could be an accumulation of stress and worry – the sum total of a dark time

*Nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide

*Disturbed sleep

*Sickness, oppressive neighbors, painful love relationship, or recent bereavement could be suggested.

*Your despair is a monster and is out of control

*negative atmosphere

*Sometimes a sensible solution to such a dark time is possible; other times, only time and courage will heal the wounds

*Time of strife, unrest, uncertainty

*Delays, deception, loss of hope


*The end of a bad time – light, hope, strength, and faith will overcome, but the process will not be easy

*This card could suggest a revision of old attitudes and behavior patterns – discard them to make way for new ones

*Release yourself from mental fear to restore your inner harmony

*Doubt, suspicion, fear

*Time of healing

*The end is in sight


*A sudden or violent end to a cycle – you know you have reached an end because there is nowhere else to go

*Division, divorce, final result of turmoil

*Sense of loss and completion

*End of the line

The card of ruin and betrayal

*A betrayal of confidence and trust – be careful who you trust and keep your own counsel

*Painful end to something – but it is the end of a run of bad luck. Things can only get better.


*Impermanence, detached from past pain

*A new cycle will begin soon

*Hope for the future

*Overcome your negative thought patterns


*News and communications, contracts and documents, new plans, minor alterations to documents

*Pleasure in words and the awakening/sharpening of mental faculties

*take notice of things around you – ask questions and examine things closely

*Curious, inquisitive


*Spiteful gossip, hurtful letters, trickster influence

*Lies, white and grey

*Revelation is coming

*Unpredictable, unexpected events might turn out for the best

*Communication brings truth


*a person or event coming into your life – something important that requires immediate attention. Don’t waste time.

*Keep your eyes and ears open for something to happen

*Be ready for anything


*Conflicts and delays

*Incapacitated, mentally worn out, picking a fight

*Secretive and treacherous

*Sly and deceitful beneath a misleading veneer of honesty


*A symbolic blast of fresh air that will bring sudden change

*Surprise at any information you receive at this time: letters, phone calls, or encounters.

*Surrounding cards will tell you what area of your life is facing change


*Cool, charming, intelligent

*Reserved, thoughtful

*Adaptable, capable, understanding

*Possible sadness or mourning


*An enemy secretely spreading gossip

*Troublesome woman, motivated by jealousy

*Bitter about love, sex, or life – possibly divorced or betrayed or widowed

*Suffering a loss

*Closed off, prejudiced, driven by pride, judgmental

*Just waiting to explode


*Battle of wits

*Success in creative, mental pursuits such as public speaking, writing, and music

*Good influence in matters of publishing, exam, or study

*Negatively place, it warns of general jealousy – women are particularly unhelpful at this time and may be talking behind your back


**A thinker, logical, well informed leader

*A person who watches people, observes them closely, and understands

*Educated, logical advice

*Associated with authority and power

**Knows how to get to heart of the matter; direct and forthright

* “I think” rather than “I feel”


*Worn out after too many obstacles

*Overly critical

*Cruel intentions

*Having difficulty dealing with bad news

*Manipulative mind games – someone who is making trouble for you


*Good, clear advice about work, legal matters – depending on surrounding cards