Energy, enthusiasm, and drive characterize this suit. Wands have the ability to make things happen. Through communication and endeavor, ideas become reality. Wands have the passion to get things done. Related to myth, legends, and fairy tales, these cards could represent drama in personal life or mental attitudes. Also associated with travel, inner journeys and mental challenges.


*New beginnings, a great start, creation, invention

*Abundance of ambition and motivation

*Fast forward action, overnight success, sudden meetings, and fire-hot energy.

*inspiration and originality, but it must come from you

*Value relaxation to deal with stress

*If your love life lacks excitement, either mend it or end it. New love could be on the way!

*career opportunities and exciting directions in working life; you may have a new project to do; keep your optimism, because it will be successful

*discover new interests and hobbies – you may want to paint, write, or travel

*Indication of fertility (physical and mental)


*Creative blocks and delays – look at surrounding cards for an explanation of why you are blocked/delayed

*Barrenness in any aspect of life

*Not a good card when trying to conceive a child

*Lack of motivation, worn out

*Regroup and start over


*Waiting, patient, helpful

*Possible suffering involved, disappointment, sadness

*Things will begin to happen.

*balanced enterprise and power

*A prosperous partnership is suggested here. Productivity and rewarding friendships.

*Business deals will go off without a hitch.


*Lack of movement, balance, or harmony

*Element of surprise or wonder

*Frustrations and delay

*Business, creative or financial partnerships are a problem – unfulfilling, could be coming to an end

*Delays and unforeseen expenses in property transactions


*Cooperation, support, establishment

*Reap the benefits from hard work.

*Increase in momentum and discovery

*Opportunities and success in business or creative endeavors

*Overall feeling of “what’s next?”

*Positive card for writers, speakers, and inventors.


*Despite all your hard work, you just aren’t making any progress

*Too much activity prevents clear sight

*An end to troubles and disappointments

*Lost opportunity due to obstinacy and arrogance

*Foolish pride is an obstacle “this is beneath me” attitude

*Failure of a project – venture was overambitious or impractical


*Pay off on hard work

*Celebration, attainment of ideals

*Harvest, garden, fruition

*refuge, peace and harmony

*Successful and abundant harvest followed by well-earned rest

*This card could suggest a new home or second home, long dreamed for

*Powerful sense of security – faith in yourself or inner harmony – this bodes well for current and future projects…you have a firm foundation on which to build.


*Still a positive card but things aren’t as grand

*It’s the little things that are important

*Appreciate the blessings in your life.

*Delayed completion, but not failure!

* “Rome was not built in a day”

*A busy phase lies ahead


*Conflicts arise.

*Confusion. You need to clear things up before acting, you are desperately in need of advice.

*Take a good look around.

*Competition – challenging. The urge to win on all sides is fiery.

*Expect opposition or power struggles in any aspect of your life.

*Views differ, arguments arise, and sparks fly

*This is not damaging in retrospect – a new set of ideals is being forged


*A break in the fog.

*Make the most of a bad situation.

*Litigation, disputes.

*inner conflict, inability to reach a decision

*If surrounded by positive cards, this could herald a victory – though everything will feel fragile for a time.


*A homecoming or successful journey

*End of a difficult time, good news

*Things will soon improve

*A safe journey

*After the battlefield of five, six promises victory and success

*Successful negotiations requiring tact, knowledge, and intuition to bring them to a conclusion

*The right action has been taken and you will reap rewards

*Primarily relates to business and career matters – can signal a promotion, legal triumphs, or contracts

*Good news for yourself or another – usually in business or creative endeavors.


*Just can’t make something work

*Delays, but don’t get stressed

*Difficulties caused by other people – someone may have left you a mess to clean up or someone has let you down (at work)

*Trouble and argument at work – bide your time and just do what you can until circumstances improve. Don’t expect to move forward any time soon.


*Things are tough but you’ll make it

*Strength, perseverance, and success will come

*Stand up for your rights

*This card often appears when somebody is ready to give up – stress the prospect of victory – put a little more effort into it and faith in the future success is secured.

*You are nearly there!


*You’ve reached the end of a difficult time and are stronger for it

*Progress is slow but steady

*Time of indecision. Be careful.

*He who hesitates is lost


*This a warning to not let an opportunity pass by because you are afraid to take a risk

*wasted talents through fear of failing

*Encouragement is required or else there will be regret later.

*Things are moving, success is around the corner

*You are flying high

*A time of hope

MY thought: based on scapini card, Love and relationships.

*Speed and action – things are opening up

*Highlighted communications and fresh horizons in all aspects of life

*A card of travel – new horizons; likely to be educational or career oriented rather than for rest or pleasure


*Journey postponed

*Be careful of out-of-control feelings; keep them in check

*Don’t make rash decisions. Think and observe before you speak or leap.

*Trying to get things done in a hurry often results in mistakes

*This card reversed warns against sudden actions

*This is not a good time to try to get anywhere in a hurry.


*Learn from past experiences

*Know how to defend yourself, your friends, and your family. You aren’t afraid of competition or opposition

*You are prepared for whatever may come your way.

* “You’ve come a long way” – augurs recovery from illness, success, and achievement

*Efforts have paid off, problems have been overcome, the goal is in sight…however, one last challenge, one last push is in store before you can completely relax.

*Success can be yours if you reach down deep and use your reserved energy

*Remain vigilant

*You may feel threatened, insecure, or uncertain. You doubt yourself, but your own drive and energy is usually considerable


*Lacking in stamina, not finishing what you started.

*Obstacles are before you and you’re not prepared. You are too vulnerable.

*Are you worried about something? Disappointed?

*Loss of strength usually in the face of more obstacles

*Energy is depleted

*Pay attention to your health

*Expect delays, but don’t give up on victory

*Meditation could be helpful mentally at this point; maybe pick up physical exercise to give the mind a rest.


*Something is weighing you down

*Too many responsibilities and you can’t please everyone

*Oppression from an outside force

*Burden connected to power, ambition, and success

*Tremendous hard work that seems to be too much – but achievement is probable

*Could foretell a period of overwork and obsessive behavior

*An overwhelming desire to succeed could be detrimental to other areas of your life if other cards are showing problems in relationship or health.


*Releasing yourself from extra burdens

*Opposing forces are at work

*Time to take responsibility for what is yours and get the job done

*The end of a period of very hard work

*A feeling of expansiveness and generosity

*Good news

*He thinks things through and can be relied upon to tell the truth

*Young or immature, still dependent on others, adventurous

*Faithful, vibrant character

*Lively, intelligent young person

*Dawning of creativity and an upsurge of energy

*A positive influence 0 expect short journeys, invitations, and lively conversations

*Bodes well for property matters


*Delay in plans

*Unwanted news

*Can’t make decisions

*Hyperactivity, reading and writing difficulties, and general instability affecting a young person

*Disrupted communication


*Impetuous energy

*Gregarious and intelligent young man with great plans for the future and enough energy/creativity to succeed

*At this stage, little staying power and a tendency to boredom; better at starting projects than following them through

*can indicate an older man with immature attitudes; less attractive because he is unreliable and flighty

*Hasty, quick reactions

*Enthusiastic, jumping right into it

*Departures, flight, changes in life


*A fast talking, charming rogue. Don’t trust him. He will be hard to resist.

*Things are disorganized

*Break or fracture, discord

*Personal conflicts on the rise


*Movement and activity in your life.

*A phase in your life of letters, phone calls, potential job offers

*visitors and short trips indicated


*warm, light, and loyal

*An independent, charismatic woman. A great friend who is generous, hospitable, and good company. Full of bright ideas, helpful to those she loves. Inspiring for her positive thinking.

*In love, passionate and sensual with a sense of humor.

*Loves to have fun, rarely bad tempered, and yearns for admiration and reassurance in her relationships for deep down she lacks confidence.

*Possessive behavior frightens her

*Strong, ambitious, business minded

*Outgoing and aggressive

*Honorable, respectable, agreeable, loving

*Creating new paths and directions


*Unreliable and unstable

*A person who has made promises with no intention to keep them

*Keep her at arm’s length or she will attempt to take over your life

*Overly aggressive, overly passionate

*Possible infidelity

*Economical, practical


*Rural pleasures


*Business success for women

*Raising money for charity


*Drive and integrity – fair minded, full of ideas

*An energetic, vital man likely to be encountered in business/at work

*Kind and wise, an authority figure who doesn’t allow power to go to his head.

*Enthusiastic about life and people, passionate and honest

*Always has advice, wants to help, encourages others, positive outlook

*Believes anything is possible

*In private life, generous and romantic. Loves the outdoors/countryside

*Can be indicated by other cards to be the male in an illicit affair – will be ultimately unavailable. Don’t fall for him.


*Pessimism and doubt have the upper hand

*Insecurity, uncertainty

*Good person, but stern, serious yet charitable

*Narrow-minded, selfish, intolerant

*Could use you to further his own ends – don’t trust him

*In relationships, he makes a lively companion – for the short term. Don’t get your hopes up because he loves his freedom and is not ready to take love seriously.


*Marriage with some kind of financial agreement

*A legacy


*Trusts, charities, philanthropic organizations