(representative of the goddess)

The Popess from my Scapini Tarot

The Popess from my Scapini Tarot

My first impressions:





Oneness or balance

From The Mystic Tarot:

A card of discovery – self and others

You are ready to look deeper into your life and face things with warmth and compassion

Stop doubting and start trusting your own instincts!

Connection to healing?

Learn a new skill

You have the ability to succeed where others fail

“There is no end to the talents I have, and I must not waste a single one of them.”

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot:

Represents Maiden aspect of triple goddess

The New Moon, associated with water

She guards the gateways to the deepest recesses of the mind

Sixth sense, heightened perception

Look within

Pay attention to your dreams – listen to your inner voice, even if you’re unsure it’s right

She may appear when you at a time when you are interested in the occult or paranormal

She counsels patience

Gut feelings rather than logical answers

Try your hand at divination

Healthwise – time to purge your body of wastes

She has no need of men – can represent lesbian sexuality or emotional isolation from men (they just don’t understand you)

Reversed: Stand back and don’t act until you re-look at your situation.


You may have repressed psychic abilities or be surrounded by shallow people

Can warn of hidden enemies – particularly female

The High Priestess from my Ananda Tarot deck

The High Priestess from my Ananda Tarot deck

From The Ananda Tarot:

Corresponding female to The Magician – inward

Knowledge of nature’s secrets

Key words: creativity, perception, intuition, sensitivity, depth of feeling

From The Girl’s Guide to Tarot:

Accept the mystery in the world – don’t demand constant answers

You may feel stuck right now – try something new
Reverse: Your instincts are not providing good advice. You are too cautious in your decisions.

Someone may be manipulating you or vice versa

From The Luigi Scapini Tarot:



Reversed: Shortsightedness. Lack of understanding. Selfishness. Shallowness. Conceit.