If you search Google for self-publishing help, there are a lot of top names that will pop up.  For the most part, they’re the famous guys–people like JA Konrath, Victorine Lieski, and Amanda Hocking.  These three have established their brands: they have the fan bases, they have the writing, they have the numbers all the rest of us indies are striving to reach.

But the true shining stars of the indie scene are the ones just starting out.  On their blogs and websites, they share their woes, their successes, and every step from writing the book to publishing it.  That kind of information is the best.  But even more than having the right info in the right place, these people are kind and supportive; they’re exactly the kind of people an indie writer should want to know.


Indie Book Lounge

A site with a multitude of hang outs for authors.  Not only can you list your books for readers to find them, but there are numerous articles by authors for authors.


David Gaughran

One of my favorite writing bloggers out there.  David offers his “Indie Publishing for International Writers” which is a kind of “how-to” that is relevant for all writers, not just international.  He also offers tips on making money from your writing.    David dispels a lot of the myths pushed into the universe about self-publishing, as well as giving current information on the writing world in an ambivalent and informative way.


Ania Ahlborn

Ania is a phenomenal horror writer.  I’ve already posted about her debut novel, Seed, on my blog before so I don’t need to go into it again.  On her website, Ania has posted a couple of pages about self-publishing that are easy to read and follow.


Mary Pat Hyland

Mary Pat offers an extremely supportive website devoted to indie authors.  She offers indie interviews, she promotes other indies books, and she even has a submissions page for indies to initiate contact to be hosted on the blog.


Jack Wallen

Jack’s site is a plethora of indie publishing.  From guest authors to babblings on writing and supporting the publishing efforts of others, there are more than enough things to keep you busy over at Monkey Pantz.


If you need some comic relief or procrastination reading, check out these indies:

Shea MacLeod

Mike Cooley

And here’s a blog from a trad pub editor/writer turned indie:

Karin Cox (Her website is great for basic writing tips, too)

Last but not least, Indie Writers Unite! on Facebook.  No words could convey how wonderful the group is.  Go.  Join.

I am missing so many here.  Do you know of another indie who offers publishing tips or killer support on their site?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them.  Maybe when someone else is searching for just the right list of indies to study, this little ole post will help them find the way :)