I have nurtured this blog for two years this month.  It is my conduit for ranting, for sharing, and for procrastinating when I should be working on my fiction.  In the two years I’ve run this place, I’ve not yet blessed it.  Technology may be a strange place for magick, but as it is an integral part of daily life, it needs a little bit of oomph too.

By the will of my goddess and the strength of my god,

I bless this blog to be creative and fruitful.

Let the winds of intellect and inspiration control my keys.

Let the flames of passion and determination fuel my writing.

Let the waters of emotion and intuition guide my words.

Let the soil of the earth give me stability, balance, and foundation.

May all who enter be of like mind and full of kindness.

May all who spam get a computer virus!

I name this blog “Stone Cottage on a Hill” and it is mine!

Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again!

Blessed be.