I’ve been really bad about blogging because I’ve been insanely busy.  However, I do have about five draft blogs started and just hanging out in my dashboard–I’ll get to them eventually.

What’s happening now? A lot.

The Indie Eclective has launched! Yes, we know how to spell eclectic and we surely know how to spell collective, but we’re a group of authors flaunting (or flouting?) both.  The Eclective consists of:

We few, we proud, we are authors who spread across genres like peanut butter on pickles–um, or not.  From horror to paranormal romance to epic fantasy and parody, the nine of us talented, somewhat weird writers offer something for everyone’s tastes.  The truth of the ereading revolution is that many readers are stepping outside their comfort zones and sampling new and interesting genres simply because the price is right.   The hope we collectively (or eclectively) share is that we can bring quality books to people by working together.

The Indie Eclective will be releasing our first anthology of short stories in October as a promotion for our books. It will be Halloween themed–ooooo.

My hush hush project with a fellow Louisvillian author is about to commence, as well.  Keep Louisville Writing is the brain child of horror/thriller writer Jack Wallen and myself.  During the month of September, you may see flyers ALLLL around town pimping our books and our website. “Keep Louisville Weird” has been a motto for supporting local business for as long as I can remember, so Keep Louisville Writing is our petition for those Weird Louisvillians to support their local authors.

Both Abigail and The Temple are going in to Print form, hopefully this weekend.  I’d love to have them up and active by the first week of September for Keep Louisville Writing, but this is Print On Demand publishing we’re talking about here.  Nothing goes according to plan.

“Snowbunnies in Hell” will be released on or around August 29th!!  Check back, I’ll post as soon as it’s live :)

I am in the middle of several projects.

  • I’m formatting an ebook for my dear friend and beta reader, Katy.
  • I’m working on “polishing” a manuscript for an author friend.
  • I have finished Constant State of Disaster and I am getting ready to do a final revision before sending it out to betas.
  • Then I’ll be moving on to my first young adult novel, a paranormal romance that needs significant revisions before going to the betas.

In other news, I have a zucchini in my garden that could quite possibly kill a person.  The two roosters are still alive and crowing in my chicken coop, for now.  If they don’t find new homes soon, I’m dropping them in the sewer.  (Not really, PETA, relax…I kid I kid.)  Our neighbors are getting a new roof so I didn’t sleep for shizzle yesterday and I’m quite cranky.

Oh, plus, I’m REALLY upset with my place of employment. That enigmatic light at the end of the tunnel beckons…quitting the day job and writing full time.  Maybe one day :(

That’s the scoop, folks.  Busy girl here.