Back in August, I attended a locally run Wiccan book club to speak about my books. It was an absolute blast. Everybody had great questions for me, and I hope I made a couple of new fans!

This is a short but sweet review written by Debbie Hess, coordinator of the book club, for our local Samhain newsletter. As the newsletter has now disbanded, I am reprinting this here with her permission.


* * *


6X9Heather Marie Adkins

an Interview Review

by Debbie Hess


“Mena’s character comes directly from my time working in law enforcement. Our agency handled the paperwork side of domestic violence, so the stories I heard and the training I had made her character. The book is heavy in themes of her personal strength and the resiliency of women to survive in the face of adversity.”

~Heather Marie Adkins


“My writing is my baby,” or so the author says. Such devotion, she expresses, requires that for a couple of days, she  goes without bathing or paying attention to things other than her writing work. This is how an artist often creates. Despite her new adoption of outline use, much like life itself, the work comes to her in a flourish. Her husband stands proud of her, a story she tells often, extending it to include how, on initiation of their relationship, she told him that her writing will always come first. She’s been writing stories since age 11; now 20 years later, she has 17 titles available, including short story anthologies, in addition to Mother of All, which we discussed in August at Wiccan Reads. Wiccan Wars is her latest series starter, launched in January 2015.

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