I used to do these giveaway hops all the time, then life got insane and I let them slip by the wayside. I actually enjoy these, especially the ones given by iamareadernotawriter.com.

I did this one last year when I first released the new version of my own faery novel “Abigail”. Abigail isn’t really YA–it’s more just regular fantasy/romance. I’ll give away an e-copy (Kindle, epub, PDF) of it to anyone who comments on this blog and tells me their favorite witchy read, because I’m doing a witchy reading challange for 2014 and I’d love some suggestions!

But for the actual giveaway, I’m offering a friend of mine’s book, Julia Crane’s “Lauren.” It’s an offshoot of her extremely popular Keegan’s Chronicles series, and a pretty darn good book.


LAURENA girl with a second chance. A boy with a terrible secret. When the truth is revealed, Lauren’s world comes crashing down.

For once, seventeen-year old lauren’s life is going right. She’s attending the college of her dreams, has what appears to be the perfect boyfriend, and is surrounded by her childhood friends.

But her boyfriend, Tristan, grows more possessive by the day, and his temper is getting harder to keep in check. When Lauren realizes Tristan is using her for her power, she has to make a choice: Tristan or her world.

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